The Nutcracker

DVD Release: September 23, 2003
The Nutcracker


A seven-year-old girl discovers that her mysterious Christmas toy harbors an amazing secret in this animated re-telling of the classic holiday tale. As the family eagerly gathers around the Christmas tree to open their gifts, Marie is transfixed by a nutcracker sent to her by her loving Godfather Drosselmeier.

Upon discovering that the strange toy is actually Godfather Drosselmeier’s nephew, who has been transformed into wood by the evil Madame Mouserink, Marie vows to help her tiny friend break the curse by joining his army of toy soldiers in defeating the fearsome seven-headed mouse king. But there’s one more step needed to free the boy of his wooden prison: to truly become flesh and blood again he must win the love of young Marie.

Dove Review

The magical Christmas story “The Nutcracker” has delighted audiences for years, and this beautifully animated version is no exception. Young Marie Stahlhaum receives a beautifully carved nutcracker on Christmas Eve from her beloved Godfather Drosselmeier. She soon discovers that this is no ordinary nutcracker, but instead a handsome young man turned into a wooden toy by a curse put upon him years before.

The only way for the Nutcracker to be free is to win the love of seven-year-old Marie and uncover a way to defeat the seven-headed Mouse King. If he does not succeed, he is destined to remain a wooden toy forever. Nutcracker needs Marie’s help if he has any hope at all. Together with a throng of eager toy soldiers magically brought to life, Mouse King’s evil plans are threatened.

Surrounded by sugar plums, rivers made of honey and the dazzle of the Marzipan Castle and Christmas Wood, this unlikely group has a rollicking adventure as they try to set Nutcracker free from the evil curse. Parents and children alike will enjoy this timeless tale of love and friendship sprinkled with a generous measure of Christmas magic. We are pleased to award this film the Dove Family Approved Seal for viewers of all ages.

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: Animated fighting with swords, falling down.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Reference to having a curse/spell spoken over a character; reference to astrology.


Company: Cinedigm
Genre: Animated
Runtime: 47 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Nancy Bowens