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God Where Are You?

Sonny Boone was always a fighter. He was a champion … until he lost everything and blamed God. When Sonny [Wade Williams ("The Investigator")] is at his lowest, looking for a place to sleep and scrounging for food in a dumpster, when he meets Malachi Carpenter [Kibwe Dorsey ("The Investigator")]. For all outward appearances, Malachi is the night manager at an inconspicuous diner. Malachi proves to be a Good Samaritan who provides Sonny with a meal and gentle nudges on a path that Sonny never expected. Then the words of a few strangers and the pages of a book teach Sonny about acceptance and thankfulness. But is it enough to help him accept God back into his heart and save his own life? Urged to examine all the things in his life for which he was grateful, Sonny finally ends up on the doorstep of the answer. The film also stars Tracy Goode ("Facing the Giants" and "Fireproof")
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“God Where Are You?” is a powerful film, boldly dealing with the themes of suffering and loss. The plot centers on Remo “Sonny” Boone (Wade Williams), a fighter who loses everything after his opponent dies in the ring and his boxing license is suspended by the Florida Boxing Commission. Following this ordeal, Sonny’s girlfriend leaves him, he loses his car, house, money, and, for a time, his hope.

Sonny winds up homeless on the streets, until he meets Malachi Carpenter (Kibwe Dorsey). Malachi gives him a meal at the local diner and tells him that Pastor Gary (Jeremy Kaminski) nearby has a bed he can use in the church basement. Malachi gives Sonny a book, “Gratitude Renewed,” and challenges him to read it and begin writing down the things he has to be grateful for. Sonny is reluctant at first—angry with God—but begins to jot a few things down. As he opens up to Malachi, Malachi introduces him to others, including a blind man named Bobby who had a promising future in football until a drunk driver caused an accident that killed two of his friends; yet Bobby is grateful for life. Sonny learns that Bobby became an award-winning composer as well. A woman named Cindy Grey (Tanya Christiansen) gives Sonny a ride and shares her own story of tests and trials, and how her faith was renewed.

There is a wonderful illustration in the film when Sonny is at Malachi’s diner for breakfast and is served coffee that has not been brewed, eggs that have not been cooked, as well as uncooked bacon. Malachi makes the point that the breakfast isn’t done yet, and that God is not done yet either. He helps Sonny begin to find hope again. The examples of ants rebuilding their hills when they are destroyed and beavers rebuilding torn-down dams, are powerful analogies offering Sonny hope.

The film has a satisfying conclusion, along with a few surprises. This is a must-see film that will renew hope for any viewer. We are pleased to award “God Where Are You?” our Dove Seal for Ages 12 Plus. Kibwe Dorsey and Wade Williams give inspiring performances as Malachi and Sonny. The movie has earned our best rating, five Doves.

Dove Rating Details


Strong depiction of faith being renewed


Boxing match featuring some blood and punching; man is knocked out in the ring and does not get up, dies.


Girlfriend leaves the home of a character.


O/G-1; Crap-1.


Boxing match featuring some blood and punching; man is knocked out in the ring and does not get up, dies.


Few scenes of man drinking beer in a bar; story of drug dealing and drugs, with a policeman trying to bust guys but a dirty cop being involved; "kick the habit" comment.


Shirtless men.


Passing car has someone in it who pelts man on the side of the road with a drink; a few characters doubt the existence of God, but are shown compassion and kindness by Christians; tension between a few characters.

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