Ben Hur

DVD Release: February 25, 2003
Ben Hur


It’s the first century A.D., and following a tragic accident Hebrew prince Judah Ben-Hur is enslaved by the Romans. As a captive nation begins to revolt against an oppressive Empire and Ben-Hur attempts to find his way back home, his love for a beautiful slave girl is tested by sea and by land in this epic tale of faith and redemption that is sure to capture the imagination of children and adults alike.

Dove Review

The legendary Charlton Heston voices the character of Judah Ben-Hur, the same character he portrayed in the classic movie “Ben-Hur” in 1959. This animated version does a good job re-creating the story based on the novel by General Lew Wallace. Heston also introduces the animated film.

Ben-Hur’s Roman friend returns home as a soldier and with a soldier’s mind, no longer caring for his Hebrew friend as he once did. Following an accident, Ben-Hur is made a slave, held captive and forced to row on a ship. He strives to find his way back home and to see the woman he loves, as well as his mother and sister. Along the way he encounters the Christ, and his life is forever changed.

This is a terrific animated movie. It contains a non-graphic scene of Christ on the cross, and a few scenes of violence with little blood. The story is inspiring and we are pleased to award “Ben-Hur” our Faith Friendly Seal for all ages. Make sure not to miss the chariot race!

Content Description

Sex: Man and woman kiss.
Language: Fool-3; Dog-1.
Violence: Herod orders children two years and younger to be killed but this is not shown; man accidentally knocks over cart of figs and figs are thrown at the man; soldier thrusts spear and says he can't wait to use it in battle; tiles thrown at Romans; rowers on a ship are hit with whip a few times in non-graphic scenes; man is shoved; sword fights and punching; flaming arrows shot at ships; ship set on fire; Christ is shown on the cross with a small amount of blood on his hands.
Drugs: Wine.
Nudity: Shirtless men.
Other: Mention of gods on a few occasions and one man talks of the imaginary God some people believe in; Roman commander who believes he has failed in his duty starts to use sword on himself but Ben-Hur won't let him; character tells a lie to protect people but confesses it.


Company: Cinedigm
Genre: Animated
Runtime: 80 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Starring: Voices by: Charlton Heston, Duncan Fraser, Scott McNeil
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter