Hugs From God (Manuscript)

Hugs From God (Manuscript)


A man named Joe, who lost his mother and friend to death as a teen, finds himself back in time with the chance to change everything. He even gets the opportunity to save a young boy from drowning. Will it change the future once he gets back to his present time?

Dove Review

To the author: First of all, I found this to be a very interesting read. The characters, particularly Joe, Paula and Todd, were well-developed. The tale is also an interesting take on time travel. It shows, unlike some time-travel stories, that Joe really is happier with the changes he has been able to make, and it shows that he is grateful for the life he has in the present. The teens also seemed like real teens with their attitudes and dialogue. The mention of a rotary phone shows your attention to details as you took your protagonist to time past. The idea of “hugs from God” is a nice too. I loved the examples of “Helen” and “your daddy” on page 56.

We see that you reworked the script, and we are glad. We have updated the content listing. We wish the kids at the concert were not shown smoking, but it is one scene, and we realize the realistic setting. You obviously removed several bits of content and this definitely makes this more family-friendly. In fact, we are awarding it our Dove Family-Approved Seal for ages 12-plus. Congratulations.

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: Kid punched in the shoulder in anger a couple of times; comment about helter skelter and words being written in blood; girl slaps guy.
Sex: Girl and guy skinny-dipped; girl tells boy that she and another girl might have sex with him; passionate kissing between girl and boy; innuendos; girl is obvious in telling boy what good sex she could give him but there is more talk than anything else and boy says he turned her down.
Language: OMG-5; crap-2; D-4; H-2; moron-2; pi*s-2; drop dead-1.
Violence: Kid punched in the shoulder in anger a couple of times; comment about helter skelter and words being written in blood; girl slaps guy.
Drugs: Beer drinking; comment about young man who drank two six-packs and died in a car accident; it's said a girl was smoking marijuana; "he might be on drugs" comment; the mention of a girl now smoking cigarettes in college; kids smoke cigarettes at concert; kid mentions you can get as much Boone's Farm wine as you want.
Nudity: Swimwear; girls described as wearing bikinis; tight clothing; girl seen in bra; it's said hippie chicks were seen topless, but this is not shown or described in script.
Other: Death and grief; tension between characters; character lies and says he is feeling well and then he says he is not; coach makes a racist comment, using the term "colored boy" in a negative way; character stands in dog urine; girl puts hot sauce in girl's ice cream.


Company: Second Chance Productions
Director: David Weinberg
Producer: David Weinberg
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 92 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter