An Evergreen Christmas

DVD Release: November 4, 2014
An Evergreen Christmas


An aspiring musician returns to the small Tennessee town she left behind and life on a Christmas tree farm she tried to forget, only to find pieces of herself and her true musical voice along the way.

Dove Review

Eve lives in LA and works for a celebrity singer, but everyone back in her small Tennessee hometown thinks she is living her dream. Now she has to return home unexpectedly due to a death in the family. What she finds there about herself is surprising, plus she needs to keep the Christmas tree farm going for the family she loves.

“An Evergreen Christmas” is a heartwarming story about living your dreams and not just chasing them. Many children have moved away from their homes to places they thought may be better, only to find out there is no place better than where they grew up to find their dreams.

This charming movie is awarded the Dove Family Approved Seal for 12+.

Content Description

Sex: Young girl kisses boy on cheek; couple kisses; man makes comment about guitar players get all the "chicks."
Language: Jeez-1; man calls daughter a sl-t; man makes racial comment regarding boy being an illegal.
Violence: Man yells at daughter and sounds of her being pushed around, later bruises are shown; man threatens daughter; older gentleman with gun tells man to leave or he will shoot him.
Drugs: Drinking beer; one character gets intoxicated.
Nudity: Mild cleavage; short dress.
Other: Man dies; scenes of a funeral.


Company: ARC Entertainment
Director: Jeremy Culver
Producer: Kim Waltrip
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 138 min.
Industry Rating: PG
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe