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Men Women and Children

A group of high school teenagers and their parents attempt to navigate the many ways the Internet has changed their relationships, their communication, their self-image, and their love lives.
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“Men, Women and Children” makes a point while presenting a realistic, and often graphic, portrayal of the use of the internet and cell phones in today’s society. The movie showcases the many temptations, including a married man and father (Adam Sandler) who visits porn sites and sets up an appointment with an escort. Unbeknownst to him, his lonely and frustrated wife creates a profile and is soon out on a date and seeking sex, yet she tells her husband she is going to visit her sister and may be gone for the night.

The effects of modern technology on teens are featured too, including a teen girl who has her own website but crosses over the line by selling “sexy” photos of herself. This will come back to haunt her. In another scenario an overprotective mother, played by Jennifer Garner, monitors her daughter’s every phone message, Facebook post, etc. to the point that she makes a serious mistake that almost costs a young man his life. The fact that there are predators out there in the world and that parents need to be protective of their children is illustrated clearly in the film, as is the truth that sometimes parents can overstep boundaries and assume the entire decision-making process regarding technology.

Despite the good points the film makes, it also features graphic names of sex sites, nudity, women on sex sites trying to reel in customers, frank references to sex, strong language, and is in no way a family-friendly film. We are unable to award “Men, Women and Children” our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal.

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Violent video game features a character cutting heads off other characters; mother slaps her back-talking daughter.


Frank sexual comments including a comment about oral sex; innuendos; graphic sexual website names are seen on screen; women either dressed in little or nudity on websites; husband and wife both cheat on each other and have sex with someone else; teen sex resulting in a pregnancy and then miscarriage; another couple attempts sex; hints of masturbation.


A lot of language including the F bomb, J, many uses of sexual slang for having sex and for male and female genitalia and breasts.


Violent video game features a character cutting heads off other characters; mother slaps her back-talking daughter.


Drinking in several scenes including bar scenes; beer and champagne; brandy is used on a wound; young man almost dies from taking pills to commit suicide and he is seen with foam on his mouth and nearly dead.


Cleavage; exposed breasts; almost complete nudity of female's rear; shirtless men; women in lingerie; girl pulls down panties to show tan line.


Tension between characters and arguments; comment about the Big Bang theory; blood seen on floor next to fallen teen girl who had a miscarriage; characters lie to one another.

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