One More Round

DVD Release: June 16, 2015
One More Round


Since ducking out just minutes before he was to enter the ring for the fight of his life, boxer Jake Taylor (Tommy Lee Thomas) hasn’t been able to get things back on track. A decade later, he’s in a dead-end job, his marriage is rocky and his house is on the brink of foreclosure. He trusts that God can provide, but doesn’t see it happening as he’d like. Just when Jake thinks he can’t get up one more time, his trainers (Kevin Sorbo and Franco Columbu) track him down. Will one more round in the ring bring redemption?

Dove Review

“One More Round” is an enjoyable movie that is much more than just a film about boxing—it is about life! Jake Taylor (Tommy Lee Thomas) hasn’t been a fighter for ten years, having not shown up for the biggest fight of his life just before he called it quits. These days life is knocking him around as his marriage is on the rocks and his mother-in-law encourages his wife to leave him. He earns a big commission at work, which he needs to save his home, but his boss cheats him out of it. He is about to throw in the towel on everything important to him, but his trainers, played by Kevin Sorbo and Franco Columbu, won’t give up on him.

Soon Jake is scheduled for a charity match that will benefit a beautiful child named Lindsay who is fighting cancer, and could open doors for Jake too. His opponent is B.A. Fontana (T.C. Stallings), a well-chiseled fighter with a bad attitude. Is Jake up to the challenge to get his wife back and to possibly defeat the muscular Fontana? He will need God on his side to do it. Are all things truly possible for him who believes? Life has hit Jake hard but, as a character says to him, “You’re a counter puncher.” Jake finds out what faith can truly do.

We are pleased to award “One More Round” our “Faith-Friendly” Seal for ages twelve and older. This movie inspires the viewer to go “one more round” when the going gets rough. It quotes Proverbs 24:16, which states that a righteous man may be knocked down seven times, but he will get back up.

Content Description

Sex: Man and his wife separate and another man is interested in the wife but nothing comes of it.
Language: Loser-2; Chump-1; Fool-2; Idiot-1; Witch-1.
Violence: Boxing with punches thrown; man hits steering wheel in anger.
Drugs: None
Nudity: Cleavage in a scene and shirtless men in a few scenes; photos of shirtless boxers.
Other: Tension between characters and a husband and wife argue; girl yells at her grandmother; comment about horoscopes and fortune cookies; man deals with anger toward God; young girl has cancer; tattoo on woman's arm.


Company: LightWorx Entertainment
Director: Chip Rossetti
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 109 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter