The Lying Machine

The Lying Machine


Compton Maron is a high school history teacher who is deeply under the influence of the lying government media complex and the indoctrination taught in public schools, and thus is the epitome of a brainwashed American. He has a burning desire to win the Best Teacher of the Year Award at his school. Unfortunately, a new and gifted home-schooled student named Ben challenges him in class regarding what he’s teaching.

Ben ends up teaching the real truth of America’s history, thus its Christian heritage, to Compton, all of his fellow teachers, and his community. As a result, Compton has a political conversion, which leads to a spiritual conversion, bringing forth a completely new vision of what the best teacher of the year would look like—a teacher who teaches the truth.

Compton starts teaching the truth to his students, which triggers the ACLU to bring a major lawsuit against his school. Through many twists and turns the moment of truth comes—will Compton bow down to injustice or will he stand up for justice, which is the exact predicament many Americans face today if they want to live in a free country based on God, thus the truth.

This story is a docudrama, so all the facts stated in the story are reinforced by either present-day experts who have PHDs, graduates from Harvard and/or key people who have worked in high-level positions in government.

Dove Review

Make no mistake about it: this docu-drama, “The Lying Machine,” will draw strong opinions from those who view it. It deals with where our country is today as far as following Christian principles, the views of leaders, and about the laws of our land. It clearly is meant to encourage Christians to stand up for the nation’s godly heritage and, in fact, has a student teach during part of it, using quotes and references to clearly show the Christian heritage that our forefathers planted in the country’s roots. However, although they give references to look up, it is stated that Free Masons “are evil” and that Masonry has a “Luciferic” background, which is sure to stir up a hornet’s nest with some viewers.

There are also comments about a place, a “fake city,” in Virginia that some people believe is being used to train law officials to enforce martial law. Although various television clips are used and sources are cited, the film shares theories that some viewers may find difficult to believe. Sometimes Compton Maron stages little vignettes in which, frankly, he acts a bit silly and talks in a funny voice as he discusses various important issues, such as the ACLU and the forsaking of God by many in the nation. He also discusses his peanut butter sandwich. With the serious clips and sober nature of the film, the moments meant for humor seem out of place. In another example, men are drinking and getting drunk when men dressed as our forefathers come in, grab them and shove them down on the tables and get after them for their behavior. It is a bit bizarre. Compton is a teacher at Doctrine-Nation High, which is symbolic of “Indoctrination High” and basically that is, in part, what the film is about: how many students are indoctrinated into untruths in public schools. In fact, the filmmakers state that home-schooled children do better than those trained in public schools.

Everything from health issues, Obamacare, the ACLU, loss of religious freedoms, what Thomas Jefferson truly meant by the separation of church and state, and other pertinent issues are addressed in the documentary. To be fair to the filmmakers, this video will definitely motivate the viewer to examine what he/she thinks and believes. The film features graphic photos of dead corpses with some of them briefly seen nude, and we are therefore, due to the graphic photos, recommending this film for our “Faith-Based” Seal. Those who view it will have no choice but to decide: What do I believe?

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: H-1; H (as a biblical place)-1; A "born again fool" comment; several uses of the word "moron" and "moronic;" Worms-1; Butts-1; Racist Schmuck-1; A "God Schmod" comment.
Violence: Several graphic photos of corpses, some nude; archived footage of war and explosions and detonations; man seen with noose around neck; comment about muskets being fired and several people dying.
Drugs: Drinking; men are drunk; man is accused of "being on drugs;" mention of Prozac; discussion about whether or not a vaccine caused autism in some kids; comment about a drug causing suicides.
Nudity: Cleavage in a scene or two.
Other: Disagreements among people; comment about Socialist Curriculum beginning under the Reagan administration; comment about fanatical Christians and their "fairy tale" beliefs; comment about Free Masons being evil; comments about the "God stuff;" comment that our "kids don't belong to us;" man says that Berkley destroyed his faith in God; comment about Global Governing.


Company: Green Apple Entertainment
Producer: Joseph Zabrosky
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 120 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter