Islam, the Quran, and Christianity

DVD Release: December 3, 2013
Islam, the Quran, and Christianity


Whether a religion has a supernatural origin must be ascertained on the basis of its sources of authority—its foundational fountainhead(s) from which its belief and practice are spawned. Islam’s validity stands or falls on the question of the inspiration of the Quran. If the Quran does not possess the self-authenticating attributes of inspiration, then its claim to be of supernatural origin is discredited, and must be rejected as disqualified to legislate human behavior in an absolute and ultimate sense. In eight 30-minute sessions, this DVD examines briefly the basic parameters of Islam (origins, founder, and fundamental doctrines), whether the Quran is of divine origin, whether Islam and Christianity are compatible, and what the Founders of America said about Islam.

Dove Review

“Islam, the Quran, and Christianity” is an informative seminar about the Koran and the teachings of Islam, in addition to a comparison of how Islam lines up with Christianity. David Miller, PhD, spends four hours covering the following topics: 1. Who was Muhammad?; 2. The basic tenets of Islam; 3. Muhammad’s personal life; 4. Is the Quran the word of God? (two parts); 5. Are Islam and Christianity compatible? (two parts); 6. America’s founders and Islam.

Viewers are bound to learn new facts about Muhammad and the history of Islam, which has the second most adherents in the world following Christianity. For example, many people don’t know that Indonesia and Pakistan contain the most Muslims, and are the most populated areas in the world with the Islamic faith. Christianity is number one with over 2.1 billion adherents, with approximately half of those Catholic, while Islam is at number two, with 1.3 billion; the other religions finish up slicing the religious pie, including Hinduism, Buddhism, and atheism.

Miller’s teaching is supported by quotes from various historical figures and from both the Bible and the Koran, in addition to drawings and artwork bringing the stories he shares to life. There are interesting videos, too, taken from various geographical spots in the world. Miller not only goes into detail about the history of the Islamic faith and how Muhammad claimed to have traveled to Heaven, but he speaks of its growing influence and how some 5,000 Muslims gathered on September 25, 2009, on the Capitol lawn in Washington for prayer. He also speaks of the many mosques that have been built, including the famed Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem.

Miller does not shy away from controversial topics, talking about Muhammad having had 12 wives, and being engaged to a girl who was age 6 and marrying her at age 9! He speaks of the treatment of women and of polygamy, and that Muslims do not believe in the Trinity. However, he makes a few controversial remarks himself, saying that he believes the Jews are no longer God’s chosen people but that all Christians share equally in God’s plans without the Jew have any special recognition. This will fly in the face of some fundamentalists who believe the Jews are still God’s elect. He also speaks of the seraphim and cherubim having wings only in a “figurative” way.

Still, even if not everyone agrees with his views regarding the Jews and angelic beings, his knowledge of the past and of rabbinical legends apart from the Bible is remarkable. He compares Bible stories such as Joseph and his brothers and the story of Noah to what the Koran teaches. He notes that many rabbinical legends and folklore are included in the Koran. He looks into the personal life of Muhammad and compares this man the Muslims believe is the messenger of God, to Christ. He uses Colossians to show that Christ is presented as being deity and the image of God. He compares what the Muslims teach about violence and fighting against the unbelievers, to the Christian idea of turning the other cheek. He mentions the second chapter of John, verse nine, which says that he who does not abide in the doctrine of Christ does not have God. He gives groundwork for deciding if the Koran is God-inspired as the Bible is believed to be. Miller also looks at the moral regression of America and believes that this factor, along with a few others, is the reason many Muslims have problems with the Christian faith.

He delves into the concerns our founding fathers had and what their views of Islam were, including comments by John Quincy Adams and Thomas Jefferson as well as others. This educational and fact-filled series should be seen by Americans everywhere and especially those who are curious to learn more about the origins of the Islamic faith and exactly what they believe. We are therefore pleased to award this documentary our “Faith-Friendly” Seal for ages twelve plus. If you truly want to know more about the Muslims and their faith and what the Bible says compared to Islam, this is the documentary to see!

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: Comments about wars and how some people have been violent for their faith, including Christians during the Crusades and Muslims too; comments about terrorist activities and what the Islamic faith refers to as honor killings; mention of women cutting their hands.
Sex: Comments about women who have been raped; it's stated Muhammad was engaged to a six year old girl and married her at age nine; comments about sexual moral regression in America.
Language: H (as a biblical place)-2
Violence: Comments about wars and how some people have been violent for their faith, including Christians during the Crusades and Muslims too; comments about terrorist activities and what the Islamic faith refers to as honor killings; mention of women cutting their hands.
Drugs: Mention of how drinking is a problem for many in America.
Nudity: None
Other: It's mentioned that some people have worshiped saints; differences between the Bible and the Koran; discussions regarding Muhammad's personal life; it's said Muhammad gave credence to spells; controversial comments about Jews not being God's elect any longer; comment that the wings of the seraphim and cherubim are figurative and not literal; comments about moral regression in America.


Company: Apologetics Press, Inc.
Writer: Dave Miller, Ph.D.
Director: Mat Cain
Producer: Apologetics Press, Inc., World Video Bible School
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 240 min.
Starring: Dave Miller, Ph.D.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter