Love 101 Freshman Class

DVD Release: July 14, 2015
Love 101 Freshman Class


The Bible tells the amazing story of Jacob, Leah and Rachel. Jacob married Leah, an average-looking girl, after being tricked by her father. Jacob made a deal with her father to marry Leah, who bore him many sons, but work for seven years to marry the woman he really loved–Leah’s beautiful sister Rachel. Jacob eventually married Rachel, who finally gave birth to two sons–Joseph and Benjamin. This story of love, envy, temptation and sibling rivalry is adapted into a modern-day film titled “Love 101.” “Love 101” sets this intriguing Biblical love story in a modern high school with a cast of young, naïve classmates on a quest to find out what love really is.

Dove Review

“Love 101: Freshman Class” is a much-needed story for today’s youth! It features classic Bible names for characters in high school who face modern temptations. For example, Leah (Sarah Lejeune) likes her sister Rachel’s (Haleigh Johnson) boyfriend Jacob (Jack Ramsey). Sarah Lejeune does a very good job as Leah, and a lot of the movie is told through her eyes and experiences.

Rachel will not have sex with Jacob, so Leah decides to make herself as pretty as possible and invite Jacob over on a night when her parents are away. Jacob thinks he is going over to see Rachel but when Leah answers and offers him anything he wants, he winds up in her bedroom.

The plot also features a young man named Joseph (Tra’ Norwood) who matches Joseph’s story from the Bible very well. Kia (Shanice Scudder) likes him and tries to tempt him to kiss her and possibly do more than that. Like Joseph in the Bible, this Joseph, a Christian, flees. But Kia, angry over Joseph’s rejection, claims he attempted to rape her so things look bad for him. And when Rachel learns what happened between her sister Leah and Jacob, the mess seems nearly impossible to clean up. But the football coach (Rob Tate) is a support to the kids and a voice of reason to the students. He invites them to attend a youth group meeting, which proves to be life-changing for Leah. The minister states that lust takes, while love gives.

The movie features wonderful themes such as getting a second chance, forgiveness, and making wise decisions. Also, Leah writes at the end that “God is love.” We are pleased to award “Love 101: Freshman Class” our “Faith-Friendly” Seal for ages twelve plus. It could prove to be a valuable tool for young Christian adults everywhere.

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: Girl slams locker in anger.
Sex: Several sexual innuendos and comments like "hitting it;" young man and woman have implied sex but she eventually gives her life to God; kissing between boy and girl; young man who states he is waiting for marriage to have sex is teased and mocked; young woman accuses boy of rape after he rejects her advances; boy looks at a girl's rear who walks by while he is with another girl.
Language: Fugly-2; Freaking Ugly-1; Butt-1; Slut-1; Losers (said in a kidding way)-1.
Violence: Girl slams locker in anger.
Drugs: Young adults drinking what is probably soda but it is not clear.
Nudity: Mild cleavage in a couple of scenes.
Other: Boy says another boy is "gay" because he wants to wait until marriage to have sex; a girl is deceitful on her sister's laptop and acts as if she is the sister; girl vomits and might be pregnant.


Company: For Your Glory Ent.
Director: Ricky Burchell
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 70 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter