The Revolt of Mother

DVD Release: February 10, 2004
The Revolt of Mother


Father is going to build a new barn. Mother wants the new house she’s been promised. A simple story, yet one that reveals so much about love and respect and the often difficult times between those who strive and work to build a life together. Set against the beautiful rustic backdrop of farming life in 1890 New England, Mary E. Wilkins Freeman’s poignant story brings us two hard-working people of the land. Sometimes the most difficult thing to see may be the needs of those who are closest to you.

Dove Review

“The Revolt of Mother” has a lot to say for a short film! Running under an hour, Amy Madigan gives a strong performance as Sarah Penn, a.k.a. “Mother,” who has been a faithful housewife and mother for 19 years. Her husband, Adam (Jay O. Sanders), is a hard-working man and good father. The problem is that he just bought more cows and is building a bigger barn, while he promised Sarah a new house right after they were married. Sarah doesn’t have the room she needs for her pots and pans and, on top of this, their daughter Nanny (Katherine Hiler) is engaged to be married and she doesn’t want to be married in their small and plain home. Young Sammy (Benjamin Bernouy) does his best to stay on both his parents’ good sides.

Mother has never complained, but one day—after she puts up with Father once again dumping out dirt from his boots on the kitchen floor and telling her “I’ve got nothing to say” when she reminds him she’s never complained but that they need a new house—she decides to revolt! How she does it and the results make for a good viewing experience. Sanders is quite good as Father as are Hiler and Bernouy as the children. “The Revolt of Mother” is a refreshing change-of-pace story which should leave viewers satisfied. It is also a good reminder that marriage involves two people, not just one! We happily award “The Revolt of Mother” our Dove Seal for all ages.

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: None
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Tension between a few characters; father tells his son that women don't think about things like crops failing, animals getting sick, or rain not coming, and so the good Lord has the man think for her; parents have two living children and it's mentioned they had two who died.


Company: Monterey Media
Director: Victor Lobl
Producer: Brian Benlifer
Genre: Classic
Runtime: 60 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter