John Wayne: Cold Vengeance (In Color)

DVD Release: April 10, 2007
John Wayne: Cold Vengeance  (In Color)


John Wayne burns up the screen in this thrilling tale of vengeance in the Wild West. When his father is gunned down by bandits, John Mason (Wayne) hatches a plot to catch the killer. Little does he know the killer has plans of his own! Featuring a thrilling gun battle with famed Wayne collaborator Yakima Canutt, “Cold Vengeance” has been beautifully restored and is in color for the very first time.

Dove Review

“Cold Vengeance” features all of John Wayne’s famous attributes and is enjoyable viewing. He shows off his likability, his ability to ride and shoot a gun, his toughness, and his charm with the ladies.

The plot features his character, John Mason, returning home to see a man being humiliated by bullies. They shoot at his feet to make him dance and one man named Ben shoves him into a mud puddle. Mason stands up for the man and Ben and Mason soon tussle in the streets. After Mason whips Ben, he tells him, “You whipped me enough,” and Ben offers to buy drinks for the two of them. The new friends soon go to meet Mason’s father, who is being robbed at that exact moment. Mason gets a glimpse of the man who shoots his father and Mason himself is wounded when giving chase to the robbers. He is taken care of by a woman named Alice but there is one problem: Alice falls for Mason but Ben is in love with Alice.

When he is healed up, Mason is determined to get the man who murdered his father. This thrilling, action-packed western is sure to please action lovers and western fans everywhere. We are pleased to award it our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for ages twelve plus. “Cold Vengeance” is entertaining with a capital “E”!

Content Description

Sex: Man kisses woman.
Language: None
Violence: Fist fights with a little blood; shootings and a few men die, but nothing graphic.
Drugs: A few drinking scenes and saloon scenes; men seen smoking cigars and cigarettes in a few scenes.
Nudity: None
Other: A robbery; a few misunderstandings between characters as well as tension between characters; death and grief.


Company: Legend Films
Writer: Various
Producer: Legend Films
Genre: Western
Runtime: 53 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter