John Wayne: Stagecoach Run (In Color)

DVD Release: February 19, 2008
John Wayne: Stagecoach Run (In Color)


John Wayne explodes across the screen in this action-packed tale of deceit and revenge. In a dilapidated ghost town, John Blair (Wayne) runs afoul of the villainous Drake who attempts to cheat him out of a lucrative mail delivery contract. It all leads to a thrilling race in the gorgeous Sacramento Valley. “Stagecoach Run” has been beautifully restored and is in color for the very first time!

Dove Review

“Stagecoach Run” is a thrilling, Old West adventure with a neck-and-neck race between two stage coaches with the winner taking all. John Blair (Wayne) partners with his friend Larry to buy a stage coach line through Crescent City. He is deceived by the seller, Drake, and learns this when they arrive in town. It is practically a ghost town. However, the man who calls himself the “mayor” and a man named Doc are thrilled to see Blair and Larry. The mayor writes on a sign that the population is no longer two but four! When Blair learns of a government mail run contract that he can win by entering a contest to be the fastest to drive his coach from Buchanan to Sacramento, he goes for it. However, Drake doesn’t plan to allow Blair to win.

This story of grit and determination, and a little bit of romance too, is sure to please. Doc’s daughter Barbara (Phyllis Cerf) moves to town and, although not initially impressed with Blair, she soon changes her mind. It’s interesting to watch the town swell in population as Blair and Larry hang tough and even get a man to run telegraph wires through their small town. The stagecoach race at the conclusion is a fast-paced and exciting competition. We are pleased to award this movie our Dove Seal for ages twelve plus. Give “Stagecoach Run” a watch, and soon!

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: A few fist fights; shoot-outs and a few people are shot; blood seen on one man but he survives.
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: A few fist fights; shoot-outs and a few people are shot; blood seen on one man but he survives.
Drugs: Drinking and a man stumbles drunk outside a saloon.
Nudity: None
Other: The deceit of a few characters; plot to have a man and his partner killed; men are poisoned after drinking bad water but they survive.


Company: Legend Films
Writer: Various
Director: Carl Pierson
Producer: Legend Films
Genre: Western
Runtime: 54 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter