Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

Theatrical Release: April 17, 2015
DVD Release: July 14, 2015
Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2


After six years of keeping our malls safe, Paul Blart has earned a well-deserved vacation. He heads to Vegas with his teenage daughter before she goes off to college. But safety never takes a holiday and when duty calls, Blart answers.

Dove Review

“Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2” takes good ol’ Paul (Kevin James) to Vegas and, although feeling a bit lonely, he has barely a second to breathe! Bad guys at the hotel where he is staying plan to steal the priceless art that adorns its many walls. Paul has plenty of his own concerns, including losing a relative (hit by a milk truck) and finding out his daughter Maya (Raini Rodriguez) has been accepted at UCLA and will soon leave their New Jersey home. But when Maya learns of the plot to steal the art, she finds herself in hot water and it is up to Paul to forget his problems and save the day. Will he be up to the task?

The movie features a lot of slapstick violence, Paul doing some pratfalls, and a funny scene in which an aggressive bird takes Paul on and later one of the bad guys. The bird’s timing is good because Paul needs help with the villain at exactly that moment. Paul uses a taser several times in a row when the villain keeps trying to get to his feet. Due to these kinds of scenes, we are recommending the movie for ages twelve plus. This is a good one to see for a few kicks and giggles!

Content Description

Sex: A few kisses by a couple.
Language: You Suck-1; Freaking-1; Idiot-1; Holy Crawfish-2.
Violence: Lots of slapstick violence including a scene in which a woman is hit by a truck; marbles and sticky stuff shot at people; hotel maid is accidentally slugged; people are shot at; pratfalls; fist fights; people are "whacked" with various objects; man is tasered; fork is used as an arrow and hits a guy.
Drugs: Drinking in a few scenes; mention of wine; party scene and it is said a guy is "hammered;" guy at a bar drinks too much and passes out; the mention of a guy smelling like tobacco.
Nudity: Cleavage in a few scenes; people in swimwear; shirtless men.
Other: Man deals with divorce just days after he was married; gambling in Vegas; tension between characters.


Company: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Director: Andy Fickman
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 93 min.
Industry Rating: PG
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter