Jovis Ben-Hovis and the Creation Crew (Episodes 1-13)

DVD Release: July 30, 2013
Jovis Ben-Hovis and the Creation Crew (Episodes 1-13)


“Jovis Bon-Hovis and the Creation Crew” is a fun, vibrant, and exciting show perfect for kids ages 3-7. Children and parents will be enthralled by Jovis Bon-Hovis and his lovable, friendly companions, including Early Bird, Booky Worm, Dora Mouse, and Stripy Monkey! Featuring the energetic talents of creator and host Joseph Cheetham-Wilkinson, this series encourages kids to see their faith and the Word of God as positive, normal, and trustworthy companions in daily life. Firmly grounded in the Christian faith, Jovis Bon-Hovis uses key elements such as “Scripture Time,” “Arty-Crafty Time,” and “Story Time” to introduce gospel themes into everyday situations to which children can relate. Produced in the UK and featuring Cheetham-Wilkinson’s quirky British humor, “Jovis Bon-Hovis” is sure to become a beloved part of your family’s Christian video library. Join the crew for 13 episodes filled with fun, laughter, and adventure, all designed to give your kids a firm spiritual grounding. 1. I Don’t Need Instructions! 2. Be Good to Your Friends! 3. So Selfish! 4. Be Yourself! 5. Count Your Blessings!” 6. Lazy Bones! 7. Gossip!, 8. Sneaking! 9. How Do I Pray? 10. I’m So Important! 11. Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire! 12. What’s In It for Me? 13. Too Scary for Me!

Dove Review

“Jovis Bon-Hovis & the Creation Crew!” is an entertaining and educational 13-episode television series for small children. In it, Jovis Bon-Hovis and his puppet pals Booky Worm, Stripy Monkey, Dora Mouse, and Early Bird teach faith-based life lessons for a young audience through their interactive application of the Bible. Each episode consists of fun songs; “Story Time,” “Scripture Time,” and “Arty Crafty” time all focus on the episode’s specific lesson.

Jovis Bon-Hovis, played by Joseph Cheetham-Wilkinson, breaks the fourth wall to speak to the captivated child watching on the other side of the screen! He is engaging, genuine, and dialed in to the imaginative young mind with the purpose of cultivating childlike faith. “Jovis Bon-Hovis and the Creation Crew!” is a safe, friendly, and instructive pick for the little learner in your family. For this reason, the Dove Foundation is happy to award it the “Faith-Friendly” Seal of approval!

Episode 1: “I Don’t Need Instructions.” Jovis Bon-Hovis accepts that it is okay that he does not know everything. Everyone must listen to directions and follow instructions and the best part is, there is no shame in learning! With help from his puppet pals, Jovis Bon-Hovis discovers that everyone learns through following instructions.

Episode 2: “Be Good to Your Friends.” Jovis Bon-Hovis learns to value his friend Booky Worm by choosing his friend over his new “awesome pad” tech toy. After hurting Booky Worm’s feelings, Jovis realizes his actions were unkind and seeks forgiveness from Booky Worm, who readily gives it. Early Bird assures Jovis that forgetting the value of a friend does not make you a terrible person, but does mean you need to apologize and learn from your mistakes.

Episode 3: “So Selfish!” Jovis Bon-Hovis discovers that putting himself first is insensitive to others. After recognizing his own selfishness and the sadness it causes, he works hard to help those he previously had disappointed. In the process of serving others, he finds out that “giving things away and sharing is such a joy and a pleasure!”

Episode 4: “Be Yourself!” Jovis Bon-Hovis attempts to fit in with his friends by copying their personal interests. Much to his dismay, trying to be like them does not encourage them to like him more. With their help he finds out that it is best to be himself, declaring that friendships work best when we are honest! The uplifting message of being yourself is summed up in the episode’s song, “I’m special! I’m the only me!”

Episode 5: “Count Your Blessings.” Jovis Bon-Hovis wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, whining and complaining about his dissatisfaction with the things he has. “My things are rubbish!” he laments. With some encouragement from his puppet pals, he has a change of attitude and learns to count his blessings. His friend Dora Mouse reminds him, “God is always enough!”

Episode 6: “Lazy Bones!” Jovis Bon-Hovis is feeling a bit lazy and wants his puppet pals to do everything for him so he doesn’t have to get out of bed. He quickly learns that sitting around all the time is unproductive, but being active and working hard brings satisfaction! With help from his friends, he chooses not to be a “lazy bones” anymore!

Episode 7: “Gossip!” Jovis Bon-Hovis learns that speaking negatively about others and making mean stories up about them has consequences. As his puppet pals help him understand that his gossip is hurtful, he has a change of heart and learns to only speak kindly of others.

Episode 8: “Sneaking!” Jovis Bon-Hovis is sneaky as he secretly exchanges his broken mug with his friend’s intact mug. This is wrong of Jovis and his puppet pals point out that anytime someone behaves sneakily, it’s because they are doing something dishonest that they should not be doing! Jovis recognizes that he did the wrong thing so he gives his friend’s mug back and asks for forgiveness.

Episode 9: “How Do I Pray?” Jovis Bon-Hovis wants to find out how to pray. He tries various methods like shouting, singing, and speaking in a sophisticated tone, but none seem to work out. Finally he discovers that praying is simply speaking to God from a good, kind, and loving heart!

Episode 10: “I’m So Important!” Jovis Bon-Hovis starts out taking himself way too seriously to the point of ignoring his friends. When he learns that they were simply trying to help him he apologizes, recognizing that it was wrong to think that he was too important for them!

Episode 11: “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!” Jovis Bon-Hovis discovers the consequences of making up stories. When he lies to his puppet pals to sound clever, they teach him that telling the truth is more important than seeming impressive. As Dora Mouse explains about telling lies, “It’s a very good way of losing friends.” Jovis asks for forgiveness for his made-up stories and decides to always stick with the truth!

Episode 12: “What’s in it for Me?” Jovis Bon-Hovis upsets his puppet pals when he attempts to collect payment for the nice things he’s done for them. They teach him that friendship is about giving, not taking. When we do nice things for our friends, we do it to be kind without expecting anything in return. Jovis is happy to know how to be a true friend!

Episode 13: “Too Scary for Me!” Jovis Bon-Hovis is frightened because he stayed up too late the night before and watched scary television! He realizes that watching scary television is not good for him and instead that he should only watch television that encourages him. His friends are there to comfort him through his fears as he learns his lesson!

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Company: Cinedigm
Genre: Children
Runtime: 346 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Caitlin Meadows