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When Calls the Heart: Season 2

Trials of the Heart, Part 1: Elizabeth and Jack deal with the aftermath of their kiss as the citizens of Coal Valley ready themselves for the trial against the Pacific Northwest Mining Company.

Trials of the Heart, Part 2: Elizabeth settles into her old life as Jack adjusts to the extravagance of the big city. Abigail and the other widows learn the verdict of the trial.

Heart & Soul, Episode 3: Jack returns to a bustling Hope Valley while Elizabeth remains in Hamilton with her family. Abigail is shocked by an unexpected visitor.

Heart's Desire, Episode 4: Abigail goes to Hamilton in search of her daughter in-law, Clara. Jack continues his life in Hope Valley as Elizabeth struggles with her decision to stay in Hamilton.

Heart of the Family, Episode 5: Elizabeth returns to Hope Valley and immediately volunteers to look after a neighbor’s rural homestead. Abigail helps Clara settle in to life in Hope Valley.

Awakening & Revelations, Episode 6: Bill Avery arrives in Hope Valley in pursuit of the counterfeiters. Elizabeth and Jack deal with Charles Kensington’s surprise visit to Hope Valley.

Heart and Home, Episode 7: Elizabeth and Jack travel to Hamilton after learning that their siblings were in an accident. Lee and Gowen square off over land rights.

Coming Together, Coming Apart, Episode 8: Elizabeth and Jack continue to be at odds over their families. Rosemary and Lee navigate new territory in their relationship.

Follow Your Heart, Episode 9: Elizabeth and Jack return to Hope Valley on fragile terms. Bill arrives in Hope Valley and, to everyone’s surprise, Nora follows soon after.

With all My Heart, Episode 10: Elizabeth and Jack hash out their differences as they continue their search for Rip. Bill Avery continues his off-book investigation into the counterfeiting ring.
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“When Calls the Heart: Season 2” picks up where Season 1 left off, and we are happy to say the quality of the acting, writing, and direction is still with the series. It features characters of virtue pitted against schemers and those who are out only for themselves. Themes of faith, loyalty, and love are all intact in this wonderful family series. This remarkable series takes the viewer back to simpler times. This series is awarded our Dove seal for ages 12 plus.

Episode 1: Trials of the Heart, Part 1: Jack teaches Elizabeth to ride and they share a few close moments just as a telegram arrives, telling Elizabeth she is needed at home because her mother has taken ill. Jack volunteers to accompany Elizabeth home, learning that she comes from affluent high society. Can he fit in? Her father doesn’t seem to think so.

Episode 2: Trials of the Heart, Part 2: The trial that will determine the fate of the families of the deceased miners takes place. Abigail is in for a surprise regarding her family. Julie meets Jack’s brother Tom and takes a liking to him. Coal Valley gets a new name.

Episode 3: Heart and Soul: Jack arrives home to learn of a few changes. A new pastor arrives but something doesn’t seem quite right. And a big surprise happens during a wedding.

Episode 4: Heart’s Desire: Rosemary announces she is off to San Francisco for a play, but she gets an unpleasant surprise and needs Mountie Jack’s help. Abigail searches for her newly discovered family member and learns she is in a serious situation. The new pastor tells Lee that God can help him with his diesel problem and he is amazed when, due to weather, a man who can fix it winds up in town.

Episode 5: Heart of the Family: Elizabeth helps Mr. Harper, a widower, with his ranch and children. Jack stops in to lend a hand. Soon, Elizabeth is welcomed home by the town.

Episode 6: Awakening and Revelations: Rosemary wants Lee to build her a theater. Julie convinces Tom to steal her father’s car so they can go joy riding. Bill is back in town and pursuing counterfeiters. Clara has to decide whether or not to accept a date because she is fearful of hurting Abigail, her deceased husband’s mother, and Charles arrives unexpectedly to town.

Episode 7: Heart and Home: Julie and Tom get into an accident. Rosemary and Lee get even with Gowan with a rigged poker game. Elizabeth and Jack do not see eye to eye regarding the accident and they have a disagreement over it.

Episode 8: Coming Together, Coming Apart: Julie confronts her father and owns up to a secret. Rosemary directs the Founder’s Day play in her “own” unique way. Lee hints at marriage to Rosemary. Gowen wants to sell the café but Abigail doesn’t agree, and Julie runs away with Tom.

Episode 9: Follow Your Heart: Rosemary attempts to get Lee’s attention. Bill Avery appears to be involved in some shady dealings. Henry Gown helps Nora while she is in town. Jack and Elizabeth seem to still be on the “outs”. Rip, Jack’s dog, runs away during a storm and Jack and Elizabeth head out to find him.

Episode 10: With all My Heart: Jack and Elizabeth have a heart-to-heart talk in a cave and sort out their feelings. Abigail and Pastor Frank Hogan have formed a friendship. Pastor Hogan opens up about his secretive past. Rosemary admits her feelings for Lee. Jack buys a ring for Elizabeth to propose but he gets a surprise when he arrives to the school room to see her.

This wonderful season two fulfills the desires of many “When Calls the Heart” fans, offering them a wholesome family show along with a lot of romance, and interesting characters. This popular show has just been renewed for a third season and deservedly so. The acting and writing is superb and this terrific family show has plenty of drama along with comedic moments. We are pleased to present it our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for ages 12 and above. Parents should consult our content listing as some parents would be fine with kids a bit under 12 watching the show. If you haven’t given “When Calls the Heart” a watch before, do so. It more than likely will find a place in your own “heart”.

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A fight and two brothers are thrown out of tavern; guns are drawn; woman hits man with a bag in the face; man punches another man; brothers shove one another; man shots at other man but the gun is deflected; a fight and man is hit in face; blood is shown on man's knuckle; woman is trapped under beam in a mine.


Kissing between a couple more than once; girl kisses young man on cheek.


OMG-1; H-1; H (as a Biblical Place)-2; D*** Fool"-1


A fight and two brothers are thrown out of tavern; guns are drawn; woman hits man with a bag in the face; man punches another man; brothers shove one another; man shots at other man but the gun is deflected; a fight and man is hit in face; blood is shown on man's knuckle; woman is trapped under beam in a mine.


Drinking in a few scenes including toasts with champagne; beer drinking and whiskey in tavern; wine.


Mild cleavage; shirtless men.


Tension between characters; a woman and her boyfriend steals her father's car; a woman drives without a license; women gossip and the woman they gossip about overhears and tells them off; daughter is disrespectful to father and says she will never speak to him again but she changes; woman is also disrespectful toward mother; a Mountie steals printing plate; a poker game and gambling.

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