Angels in Our Midst

DVD Release: July 21, 2015
Angels in Our Midst


Outcast by most of the children in the junior high school he attends, Tobey Marshall has been deeply traumatized by the death of his parents at the World Trade Center on 9/11. Living with his Uncle Nick and Jannah, Tobey is a loner who has created his own world where he believes he is protected by a guardian angel. A young girl named Suzy, whose own beliefs are in question, befriends Tobey and by doing so discovers that they have more in common than she ever expected. Suzy has captured the fancy of Jim Doder, a popular basketball player at school, who leads a double life as the gang leader in a series of local home burglaries. When Suzy rejects Jim’s affections and her relationship with Tobey continues, Jim makes life difficult for both of them. After one of Doder’s gang is arrested in a botched burglary attempt, Tobey is framed. In the dramatic and exciting climax, Tobey must prove his innocence to Suzy and the whole school by facing reality and confronting Jim Doder in public.

Dove Review

“Angels in Our Midst” deals with the reality of being persecuted for one’s faith, and also for just simply being different.

The story focuses on Tobey Marshall (Ryan Sotzen), a junior high student who lost his parents on 9/11. He has never gotten over it, but reads his Bible, trusts in his guardian angel, and stays to himself. It is for these reasons he is called “retard” by several students who simply don’t know Tobey. A girl named Susan is a bit of a loner herself. Susan, called Suzy, has compassion for Tobey and befriends him. It should be noted that both Ryan Sotzen as Tobey and Therese Boyich as Suzy give excellent performances and are the main reason the story works as well as it does.

Suzy has a difficult time with the angel talk, but at the same time is curious about Tobey’s beliefs. A bully named Jim Doder (Matthew Vuckovich) picks on Tobey and pummels him on a few occasions, but he likes Suzy. It is difficult for him to see Tobey and Suzy develop a friendship, especially since Jim’s parents have separated. Tobey gets no support from the uncle he lives with. In fact, Uncle Nick is secretly in league with Jim and a few other boys, having them steal from homes and bring the loot to him so he can resell it.

Eventually Tobey has to deal with a false accusation and Suzy faces a moment when she has to decide if she believes in angels or not. A miraculous moment seems pretty certain to sway her from her previous negative mindset. We are very happy to award “Angels in Our Midst” our Faith Friendly Seal for ages twelve plus. It shows the difference one life can make!

Content Description

Sex: Girls talk about "hot guys" and girl comments on guy's abs as she looks at a magazine; it's said a boy's parents split up when the wife was caught cheating.
Language: "Jesus Freak"-1; "Angel Crap"-2; Idiot-2; Stupid Kid-1; Stupid-1; Shut up-2; "Retard" used multiple times; Village Idiot-1.
Violence: Boy bullies kids and punches them, in one case repeatedly and there is blood on the faces of a few kids; girls fight; woman slaps her daughter's face but only after the daughter uses a profanity; girl is shoved and falls and hits her head hard on cement.
Drugs: Cigarette and cigar smoking; man drinks beer and a beer is seen on his desk in one scene.
Nudity: Cleavage; woman in shorts.
Other: Young man is made fun of for reading the Bible; boy is referred to as "retard" several times and some people wonder if he is mentally slow; young man grieves the loss of his parents; man is working with teen boys to get stolen goods from houses they have broken into; young man is told by his parents that they are divorcing; teen girl questions the existence of angels and God; boy is accused of something he did not do.


Company: Bridgestone Multimedia Group
Director: Robert Alaniz
Producer: Robert Alaniz
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 106 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter