Traveling Light (6 DVD Set)

DVD Release: August 3, 2015
Traveling Light (6 DVD Set)


Life’s a journey, and it’s easy to pick up extra baggage along the way.
Bitterness, guilt, self-reliance, pride. How can we enjoy the road ahead if we’re lugging around all this stuff? What if we could travel through life with no bags at all?

Max Lucado’s bestselling book comes to life in “Traveling Light – A Journey through Psalm 23.” In this 18-part series, Max Lucado unpacks the 23rd Psalm to help viewers get rid of excess baggage. This multi-format program features poignant teaching, real life stories, and laugh-out-loud funny interviews with life’s tiniest travelers – children! It’s time to start Traveling Light.

Dove Review

Max Lucado’s “Traveling Light” is an inspirational and powerful teaching series that is a total triumph! He uses Scripture to show how no one can be trouble free, but can be luggage free as they let go of the burdens of their lives and release them to God. This wonderful series covers just about every topic you can think of: worry, fear, death, addictions, marital problems, guilt, shame, etc.

There are 18 episodes in this six-disc-set. These compelling episodes feature Max’s solid and practical Bible teaching and insights, comments by kids that are both insightful and humorous, and testimonies from people who have dealt with abuse, having an autistic child, drug addictions, loneliness, and many other important and relevant topics.

Max Lucado successfully lays out a plan to help people succeed in overcoming life’s troubles and sorrows. He does not teach a pain-free life and reminds us that even Jesus had pain in the Garden of Gethsemane. Using the 23rd Psalm, he shows how the Lord is our Good Shepherd—tending to us, never leaving us, guiding us, and simply being there for us even when the enemy is present. As the viewer listens to Joanne’s story about her alcoholic father, or Renee’s story about watching her Christian father die, or Tim’s story about how he became addicted to cocaine, these stories reveal that the pain we deal with is no different from the pain others have dealt with, and found help with in the Lord.

We are more than happy to award this faith-building and insightful series our “Faith-Friendly” Seal for ages twelve plus. Max even reads a few of his short children’s stories for kids. This series truly has something for everyone. Although we are awarding it our 12+ Seal, parents should consult the content listings because some will be fine with their children under age 12 watching the series. It deals with some serious topics, but always with hope and with the humorous insights of the kids in the series. Do you want to lose some luggage? Watch this wonderful series to learn how you can! It has earned five Doves, our best rating.

Content Description

Sex: A few comments about abuse and a woman shares she was pregnant but then got married; comment about parents who made their daughters prostitutes; young man admits to struggling with pornography.
Language: Person said he once told judgmental and hardened church members they could all go straight to H, but he repented and found Christ.
Violence: It's mentioned a family had a son who was shot and killed; man committed armed robbery on more than one occasion; five men with guns broke into a home and robbed family; physically abusive father is mentioned.
Drugs: Comment about medicine taken for insomnia; one man says he abused drugs, used cocaine, smoked marijuana and drank; he committed armed robbery for drug habit; talk of AA meetings; pregnant woman took pills to take her and her baby's life but felt the baby kick and threw up the pills and she and baby survived.
Nudity: Woman in a wedding dress reveals mild cleavage.
Other: Comments about death, sorrow and grief; man had suicidal thoughts; parents lost a son who committed suicide; it's said a woman trusted God when facing going to a concentration camp; boy died of leukemia and others are mentioned who died; anger at God following a death but people found peace; son suffered a serious football injury and then car accident but survived.


Company: Bridgestone Multimedia Group
Writer: Tom Newman
Director: Tom Newman
Producer: Tom Newman
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 540 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter