BabyFirst: Art & Music Sensory Wonderland

DVD Release: January 8, 2013
BabyFirst: Art & Music Sensory Wonderland


Transform knowledge and development into a creative world of fun right in your own home! “Sensory Wonderland” combines parent/child bonding and imagination to stimulate senses that are crucial for positive childhood development. Through a rich assortment of colors and creations, young viewers’ imaginations will come alive as they watch art and music being constructed and played right before their eyes! An endless array of unique visual experiences showcasing recognizable stories, sounds and pictures make common toys and objects come to life through visual exploration.

Dove Review

This educational DVD is geared toward stimulating your infant’s and toddler’s early childhood development through the display of various art forms accompanied by music. “Art & Music Sensory Wonderland” is comprised of four half-hour episodes. Each episode captivates the young mind with art forms such as drawing, coloring, clay sculpting, sand drawings, shadow stories, and more! Bonnie the Bear teaches your child to identify common sounds and draw the picture of each sounds’ object.

Each episode features various instrumental tunes to help your little learner connect pictures with music. Different instruments such as a drum, xylophone, guitar, and trumpet are drawn throughout this series so that your child can attach the sound it makes to what it looks like. Thanks so its fun, creative, and instructional qualities, the Dove Foundation is jazzed to give “Art & Music Sensory Wonderland” the Dove “Family Approved” for all ages seal of approval!

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Use of a "magic" paint brush.


Company: Cinedigm
Writer: Various
Director: Various
Producer: Various
Genre: Children
Runtime: 109 min.
Industry Rating: TV-Y
Reviewer: Caitlin Meadows