BabyFirst: Color Crew

DVD Release: January 8, 2013
BabyFirst: Color Crew


Meet the Color Crew, a lively bunch of crayons that explore and identify color in the world around us! “All About Colors” encourages young viewers to play along as they introduce basic colors in their own special way! Join colors like yellow, blue, green, red and brown as they decide what color are apples, the sky, ducks, and many other objects in our everyday lives. So, let the colors of knowledge and creativity fly high with the Color Crew and their coloring adventures!

Dove Review

“Color Crew: All About Colors” is comprised of four half-hour episodes geared at introducing your baby and toddler to colors. The Color Crew is a box of friendly crayons that work together to color in blank drawings. Each episode features seven different pictures that require the Color Crew’s help! The crayons announce which color they are before filling in objects. When the wrong color fills in an object, Eraser is called in to correct the crayon and allow the right color to fill in the object.

This DVD is simple in its approach to teaching young minds about basic colors. Yet it is also cute and entertaining, making it a fitting choice for its intended audience. “Color Crew: All About Colors” will inspire your child’s imagination, which is why The Dove Foundation is tickled pink to award it the “Family Approved” Seal for all ages!

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Company: Cinedigm
Writer: Various
Director: Various
Producer: Various
Genre: Children
Runtime: 128 min.
Industry Rating: TV-Y
Reviewer: Caitlin Meadows