DVD Release: August 19, 2015


From Living Waters, creators of the award-winning TV program “The Way of the Master” and the hit movies “180” and “Evolution vs. God,” comes the powerful film “Audacity.” Executive produced by TV co-host and best-selling author Ray Comfort (Hell’s Best Kept Secret, Scientific Facts in the Bible), this film delivers an unexpected, eye-opening look at the controversial topic of homosexuality.

Peter (Travis Owens) is an aspiring comedian encouraged by his friend Ben (Ben Price, Australia’s Got Talent finalist) to perform at the local comedy club. But stage fright isn’t Peter’s only fear. When confronted with one of today’s most divisive issues, he feels compelled to speak, but can he? Challenged by his coworker Diana (Molly Ritter) to defend his convictions about homosexuality and gay marriage, will he have the courage to stand for what he believes—even at the risk of losing a friendship? And how will he respond when faced with a harrowing life-or-death experience?

“Audacity” uses a unique approach to address a very sensitive subject in contemporary society. Regardless of your views on the gay lifestyle, you’ll gain fresh insights and a new perspective.

Dove Review

“Audacity” packs a wallop! This short film features many profound scenes in a short amount of time. It opens with a man breaking the window of a woman’s car and her shrieking in fear. The viewer learns later that there is more to the man than viewers initially think. Ray Comfort confronts the issue of homosexuality in a Biblical way and with kindness toward random people who he interviews about the topic. He also speaks kindly to those who are not Christians, but says he may be hated but doesn’t want to be a liar.

He asks people what they believe about homosexuality and gay marriage. He comes across several who say they are gay or lesbian. Interestingly, when he asks them if adultery or fornication is a choice, they say yes. He points out that all sin is a matter of choice, and he gets several to admit he has helped them to see things differently. Featured in the film is a scene of two women who are excited and talking about getting married. A man named Peter gets out of a malfunctioning elevator and is warned to not let anyone else in, that they could die. He puts a sign of warning on the elevator door but another man, seeing the two lesbians about to get in, removes the sign. They get in and scream as they fall to their deaths. The point is made: there are those who take the wrong approach when witnessing to the gay and lesbian community, doing it without Biblical love.

This film will be an eye opener for viewers everywhere. With all it features, it even contains some humor that works well. The “knock, knock, interrupting starfish” joke has to be heard to be appreciated. We are pleased to award this educational yet entertaining and enlightening movie, “Audacity,” our “Faith-Friendly” Seal for ages twelve plus. “Audacity” hits a home run as a movie!

Content Description

Sex: Comments about adultery and fornication, and gay and lesbians; two women hold hands as a couple; various people talk about their gay and lesbian lives and how they view what God and the Bible says about it.
Language: H (as a Biblical place) is mentioned many times, as is Heaven.
Violence: Man breaks woman's window on her car; train strikes a car; an elevator goes down too fast with two screaming women on it; man wields gun at a store robbery and police show up with guns; gun held to man's head and his life is threatened; man throws a can of corn and hits a man in the head, knocking him out for a moment or two.
Drugs: Man attempts to rob liquor store.
Nudity: Shirtless men; a few people in shorts.
Other: Woman's brother has cancer and she questions God about it and admits to being angry with God.


Company: Living Water Films
Writer: Ray Comfort
Director: Eddie Roman
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 45 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter