Meeting God In Quiet Places

DVD Release: July 15, 2014
Meeting God In Quiet Places


Set against a moving sound track, American author F. LaGard Smith walks us through the English countryside while reflecting on themes that touch us all via a series of short and timeless parables.

Dove Review

“Meeting God in Quiet Places” is an inspiring film based on the book by author F. LaGard Smith. The beauty of this DVD is found in the lovely nature scenes, music, and in the truths that Smith shares from God’s Word. It is like traveling with a friend and sharing spiritual conversations.

There are seven topics in this warm and soothing DVD. In the first section, titled “The Walking Stick,” Smith talks about the walking stick he uses and makes the analogy to the Lord’s rod and staff, and the balance God brings to one’s life. Smith shares a scripture from Zechariah about elderly men and their canes. In the next part, “Gravestones,” he mentions the grave of a woman named Elizabeth Lee, nanny to a family for three generations and how she received a gravestone though this wasn’t common back then. She obviously meant a lot to the family. Smith talks about those who are remembered and those who are not, but that all can leave a significant legacy if they have touched others’ lives.

In part three, “Dream House,” he talks about his dream home but how that contentment with godliness is great gain. In part four, “Jumbo,” Smith mentions the legend of a lion named Jumbo that saved the mayor’s life during a circus fire. The truth is that the mound that some thought was Jumbo’s grave was, in fact, a water reservoir. Some followed Jesus for his miracles, but when there are no miracles people can still endure this life by faith.

In part five, “Gates,” Smith talks about fences representing barriers but gates representing entry and welcome. Jesus is our gate, our door. In part six, “Sheep,” Smith talks about the beauty of Dover’s Hill and how Christ is our Lamb; how we have the capacity for hate and sin but also for love. In the final segment, titled “Snowfall,” Smith talks about how the snow covers mud and footsteps and how God can cover our old lives with his grace and give us a fresh start. He speaks of David’s sin with Bathsheba, and how David asked God to wash him white like snow. Grace gives us the hope to walk where we never have before: above the sin.

This is a peaceful yet powerful film. We highly recommend it and award it our “Faith-Friendly” Seal for all ages. The title for this film is apt: you will meet God in quiet places as you watch this movie.

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Sex: None
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Company: Gateway Films / Vision Video
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 59 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter