Paper Planes

DVD Release: September 1, 2015
Paper Planes


Dylan Webber is an imaginative twelve-year-old boy with a knack for folding and flying paper planes. After discovering that his talent could take him to the top at the World Junior Paper Plane Championship, Dylan prepares to take on powerful rivals. With a great challenge soaring ahead, and a goal to fly into the number one spot, there’s no telling how far he can go!

Dove Review

Dylan lives in Australia with his father, and his grandfather lives close by. When an assistant teacher comes to his class and asks them to make paper air planes, his is the one that goes the farthest! This makes Dylan eligible for the World Junior Paper Place Championship semi finials in Sydney. Before he leaves for Sydney, Dylan asks those around him for advice and is told to watch things that fly and use his own ideas.

Dylan makes it to the finals in Tokyo, but must find a way to get the money to go. With help from everyone he knows, he raises enough money for the trip. While in Tokyo he learns about many things: how paper is made, the beauty of folding paper, and that sometimes life isn’t about winning, but your relationships with family and friends.

An inspirational story that is encouraging and insightful. The film also portrays the love that family members have for each other no matter the situation.

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: Hellava ride.
Violence: Boy bullies another; boy pushes another down stairs.
Drugs: Boy gets acupuncture.
Nudity: None
Other: Man has tattoes on arm; discussion about mother killed in auto accident; man has depression after a death in family.


Company: Entertainment One Films
Director: Robert Connolly
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 96 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe