GOD? The Almighty Question

DVD Release: June 9, 2015
GOD? The Almighty Question


Take a journey around the globe with director Peter Rodger, as he meets people from all walks of life – from celebrities to the religious, to atheists and the common man – and asks them the question, “What is God?” with profound results.

Dove Review

“God? The Almighty Question” is a thought-provoking documentary by filmmaker Peter Rodger, who asks people in various parts of the world what they believe about God. This film ranges the spectrum from those who state they follow Jesus Christ and the Bible and know God personally, to those who don’t believe in God’s existence. Chardi Stokes, of Texas, a born-again Christian, says in the film, “God is my provider, my best friend, my everything.”

Peter Rodger asks the “God” question in America, Australia, Kenya, East Africa, Tanzania, and many other geographical locations. Some people say they do not believe in God. One person says that God “is the essence of nature – that is all.” Ringo Starr, one of the famous people to answer the question about God, states that “God is love.” Actor Hugh Jackman says he believes that if Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, and Shakespeare had lunch together, they would not have any disagreements. At one point, the narrator suggests, “Perhaps God doesn’t exist at all.” He asks if we must belong to a “club.” However, those who strongly believe in God are allowed to express their views without reservation throughout the film.

Viewers, parents particularly, should be aware that various beliefs – including New Age, Christian, Buddhist, and Islamic worldviews – are examined in this film. For those wanting to learn more about Islam, the film includes comments from people of various Muslim backgrounds, extremists included. A man in the documentary shares his belief that “Christians will burn in Hell.” Christianity is not endorsed as the religion of the true God in this film, but it is presented as one of the viewpoints. The filmmakers gave each person the freedom to express his or her views in this documentary. This film will provoke people to think about what they believe about God and why. We are awarding it our Faith Friendly Seal for ages 12 and up, with the recommendation that parents watch it with their older children and discuss it together. The questions asked in this DVD are relevant to people all over the world, of all cultures and backgrounds.

Content Description

Sex: The film mentions that some people rely on sex to find fulfillment.
Language: H (as a Biblical place)-7; S (in a song)-1; P.O.-1; Bloody-1
Violence: Men carry rifles; an Islamic extremist says it is right to kill a homosexual; a man says when he was a boy, he was told to kill the Muslims if they came in and attacked his family; in one brief bloody scene, a cow is cut and a child is fed a bloody part from the cow; the film mentions that some suicide bombers believe they will go to heaven; someone talks about a severed man's head; another says, "Islam or sword."
Drugs: A man drinks an unidentified can of something; the film mentions that some people rely on drugs, alcohol, and sex to find fulfillment.
Nudity: Shirtless natives; bare legs of men; images of Christ on cross with loin cloth, shirtless.
Other: People answer questions about what they believe about God, including those who do not believe in God, those who are Christians, and those of other belief systems; man says God could be a man or a woman; man talks of the "primitive rubbish" of believing in God; snake charmers appear in the film; a man says that God is "business" and "God is money"; priests are "criminals," according to one person.


Company: Vision Films
Writer: Peter Rodger
Director: Peter Rodger
Producer: Peter Rodger
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 78 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter