Nature of the Holy Land: Volumes 1-3

DVD Release: April 14, 1998
Nature of the Holy Land: Volumes 1-3


“Nature of the Holy Land: Volumes 1-3”

Volume 1 “The Jordan River” — Reveals the wildlife of the river area and the historical events which have endangered the Jordan river’s survival.

Volume 2 “The Crowded Desert” — Examines the effect of human occupation in the Holy Land’s deserts.

Volume 3 “Along the Sea Road” — Explores the Mediterranean coast and the northern forest of the Holy Land.

Dove Review

Absolutely stunning photography of the Holy Land. This series takes viewers along a beautiful winding path through the Holy Land. Viewers will vicariously explore the Holy Land. You will see the area’s ecosystem and animal and marine life first hand. A great series for the whole family to experience the Holy Land.

Volume 1 “The Jordan River” — Explores the Jordon river, a place where many Christians were baptized to confirm their faith. The river stretches from the mountains to the Dead Sea. Enjoy beautiful scenery showing the river’s fresh water resources and its winding natural land borders. See wildlife and the river in different seasons. Learn how each creature survives and what they contribute to the environment. Some struggle to live, while others thrive. Watch as the changes in time cause havoc on the wildlife and see how each creature survives. The narrator sums it up beautifully by saying the river is a “gift to the world.”

Volume 2 “The Crowded Desert” — Examines the forests, meadows and quiet waters where three continents meet. More than 70% of the Holy Land is desert. Beautiful images with reptiles and animals of all shapes and sizes are shown. Floating is common on the Dead Sea, because the water is so thick you cannot sink. David’s Well is a beautiful site. You will see nature at its best in this film, but you will also see the negative impact tourism and modernization has had on the area.

Volume 3 “Along the Sea Road” — The Dead Sea and flowering desert. The film shows the old city walls in a modern world, still preserving history. Viewers experience the human need to balance their life with wildlife. Construction is inevitable as they try to protect wildlife. You will witness nature as you watch the circle of life in many species. The beaches are safe and undisturbed in parts for the bird population. The breeding and nesting of marine life is amazing. An absolutely stunning film.

We are proud to award this series the Dove “Faith-Friendly” Seal for all ages.

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: None
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Company: Vision Films
Director: Moshe Albert
Producer: Yossi Weissler
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 156 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Starring: Malcolm Penny
Reviewer: Caryn Toering