Another Chance

DVD Release: April 28, 2015
Another Chance


Tensions rise in this coming of age story that revolves around a couple’s desire to do what’s right as they face an uncertain future and unlock a unknown past.

When 16 year old Maria Vega and Joey Diaz get the news of Maria’s pregnancy they find themselves in an upward battle to take responsibility for their actions. Peter Martin a narcissistic town councilor is on his way to become mayor when he crosses paths with the couple. Blindsided by the selfless actions of Joey, he now begins to reflect his own life.

Dove Review

“Another Chance” is a wonderful and inspiring film for anyone who has ever needed a second chance, which pretty much covers all us! Jon Hoffman is excellent as Peter Martin, the mayor of Wake Forest whose past is about to catch up to him. Martin is running for reelection but his priorities are focused on his job and campaign, not his wife and two daughters.

He abandoned his girlfriend, Angela, when she became pregnant with his daughter Maria (Ailyn Andino). He has ignored his daughter over the years who, like her mother, winds up pregnant. Joey (Wesley Elder), Maria’s boyfriend, wants to do the right thing despite them being young; Maria is just 16. He wants to land a job and marry her. When Peter Martin shows up at a local employment agency for a soundbite to show he cares about jobs, he interviews Joey, not realizing he is the young man who has gotten his daughter pregnant. Martin’s brother David (Jesse Janowsky) is a pastor and has been there for Maria through the years, and soon Peter and David are butting heads over Peter’s lack of involvement in his daughter’s life.

It should be noted that although the movie is serious for the most part, it has moments of comic relief. In one scene, the mayor tells his assistant to tell a woman on the phone that he won’t be able to meet with her on a certain date. The assistant tells the woman the mayor is getting a haircut that day, though the mayor is clearly bald! He points at his head to remind his assistant of this fact; it is a funny moment for sure.

It takes a near tragedy to finally wake up Peter Martin to realize how blessed he is. He wants “another chance” to be a different man. Will he get it? We are delighted to award “Another Chance” our “Faith-Friendly” Seal for ages 12 and up. The film does a good job showing what can happen when a person trusts God, asks forgiveness from those he has wronged, and begins with a fresh start.

Content Description

Sex: Teen girl is pregnant but she and her boyfriend look to God and want to have the baby; boy kisses girl on cheek.
Language: "Lord oh Lord"-1; derelicts-1; selfish-1; a "knocked up" comment-1; hypocrite-1.
Violence: Sound of a car accident is heard; bandage is seen on character after the accident.
Drugs: Joke about a gun, a wife beater, and a beer; it's obvious a young man driving a car has been partying.
Nudity: None
Other: Tension and disagreement between characters; man hints that maybe girl should get an abortion; campaign manager lies for mayor.


Company: CMD Distribution
Director: Paul Simoes
Producer: Micah Caronna
Genre: None
Runtime: 77 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter