Open My Eyes

DVD Release: June 19, 2015
Open My Eyes


Photographer Paul Sanders has a passion for beauty-especially beautiful women. But in his spiritual blindness, he admires only the creation and not the creator. When Paul becomes physically blinded in a freak accident, he is forced to reconsider what true beauty means and where it comes from. With the help of Abigail, a recovering alcoholic and down-on-her-luck singer, Paul realizes the meaning of love and the power of the Gospel to change people’s lives. Although he can no longer see, for the first time in his life his eyes are open. A film of faith and forgiveness, “Open My Eyes” proves that even the hardest hearts can be turned and that broken lives can be healed if only we are willing to believe.

Dove Review

“Open My Eyes” is a remarkable and inspiring story about a man who has his eyes opened, but only after he becomes blind. Help comes in the form of a woman named Abby (Jeannie Garcia) who used to live a wild life but becomes a committed Christian. She influences Paul Sanders (Dominick LaBanca), who only lived for himself until Abby’s influence begins to change him.

Paul is a famous photographer who lives for partying and material possessions. He is full of himself and short with people. He demands his table when he goes to his favorite restaurant, and is angry when someone else is sitting there. When he drives while drunk he pays a terrible price for the mistake: an accident that leaves him blind. He becomes bitter and a recluse. His favorite restaurant sends food via its waitstaff to his home at meal time, but they all quit because of his mean spirit and attitude. However, Abby, now a Christian and with a totally different life, begins to serve him and he takes a liking to her kindness and friendly manner. She leaves a rose on the dinner tray for him and he likes that. He doesn’t know for a time that he previously knew Abby when she was another person.

Paul becomes angry when Abby brings up the topic of God, but he can’t deny there is something intriguing about her. This story demonstrates the power of God’s love to change a life! Garcia and LaBanca do a great job. Garcia also sings in the film and is a terrific talent. We are happy to award this film our “Faith-Friendly” Seal for ages 12+. We encourage you to watch it!

Content Description

Sex: Some innuendos about "trading girls" and a few other sexual innuendos; comment about woman's nice legs; woman says, "I have plenty of experience;" comment about a singer with "benefits."
Language: OMG-1; "Stupid Smile"-1; jerk-1; pig-1; loser-1; stupid-2; brain dead waitress-1; comments of "gold digger," "pathetic has-been" and "dumb broad."
Violence: Woman slaps man; crashing sound of man getting into car accident; woman breaks bottle of alcohol when she is tempted to drink.
Drugs: Drinking in a few scenes; character puts a drug of some kind in a drink, but it is not clear what and the character is converted later in the movie; comment about "laying off the blow;" character is tempted to use cocaine but does not; "I could use a drink" comment; man drives drunk and gets in an accident and has regrets later; drinking wine with meals; woman is tempted to drink when she goes through a test in life, but she does not give in.
Nudity: Cleavage in a few scenes; woman in shorts.
Other: Man is bitter toward God and makes comments about there being no God and if there is he would like to tell Him off; man says, "Thank you Jesus for saving my life so I could be blind;" "Are you a Jesus freak?" comment.


Company: CMD Distribution
Director: Simon Hunter
Producer: Mark Reddy
Genre: None
Runtime: 120 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter