Count Zinzendorf

DVD Release: September 12, 2000
Count Zinzendorf


A film detailing in four programs the life and ministry of Count Zinzendorf, who set aside a life of wealth, politics and privilege to follow God’s call.

Dove Review

Count Zinzendorf, who lived in the early 18th century, is not very well known, but he had a huge impact on Christianity and the church as we know it today. This film includes four episodes that describe the Count’s life and times.

“Prophet of the Heart” begins with Count Zinzendorf’s early years. He was born into nobility and schooled heavily in theology. He met often with government leaders and eagerly shared his beliefs, though when he entered government he found that he didn’t enjoy it. He began allowing people to build on his property so they could have a place to worship freely. The Count began creating a series of rules for living on his property, using the Bible and prayer as his foundation. His “daily texts” are still in print today.

In “Count with Borders,” he leaves the comfort of his small town and heads to the Arctic Circle and the southernmost tip of South Africa to start the first Protestant mission movement. His goal was to bring the gospel to all people and as missionaries were appointed, he charged them with that task regardless of circumstances. He also ventured to Greenland but was met with great opposition. What this tiny group accomplished was astonishing.

In “New Heart, New World,” Count Zinzendorf visits the colonies in America. He met with governors and even Benjamin Franklin and worked hard to organize the missionaries. Criticism grew as he began to allow women to participate, and he was also criticized for his preaching about the Trinity. He used simpler language to help people understand this challenging concept, but many objected.

Finally, in “The Pilgrim Comes Home” the Count returns to England. He moved often before his death there. Many Moravian missionaries were sent around the world, with the Count emphasizing the suffering of Christ as evidenced by the hymns and paintings of the era. He had the character and courage to make corrections in his life when he got too extravagant. Many theologians and historians share their knowledge of this era in interviews included in the film.

This film’s four segments describe Zinzendorf’s leadership as it sets the foundation for today’s modern missionary movement. It also includes bonus material such as a link to study material and information on some of the painting seen in the video.

“Count Zinzendorf” is awarded the Dove “Faith-Friendly” Seal for ages 12 plus.

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: War photos of dead bodies.
Drugs: None
Nudity: Painting showing naked babies clinging to a mother.
Other: None


Company: Gateway Films / Vision Video
Director: John Jackman
Producer: John Jackman
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 100 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Starring: John Jackman, Rev. Dr. Albert Frank, Dr. A. Kenneth Curtis, Rev. Walter Edmunds
Reviewer: Caryn Toering