Hidden Heroes

DVD Release: September 4, 2001
Hidden Heroes


The rescue of Jews in Nazi-occupied Holland is a story of unimaginable courage and faith. As told by those who lived through the Nazi terror, this evocative documentary recounts what it was like for Dutch Jews to face systematic isolation, persecution and elimination. Our subjects were mere children at the time. Children who witnessed their family and friends being arrested and dragged away — and, for most, never to be seen again. Children for whom unbearable pain and loss was cruelly compressed into a single experience of overwhelming terror.

Dove Review

When Nazi Germany was trying to take over the world. They went into the Netherlands. People of Jewish faith had to register and wear a yellow star of David on their clothes; every man, woman and child was required to do so. Then the Nazis could identify them and would take them off to concentration camps. Many families were separated.

In this documentary, the children from the Jewish/Dutch area, now grown, tell their story. The first hand account of the people from other faiths, who put themselves in danger to protect the Jewish children, are recounted. These loving people hid the Jews, made them part of their family and kept their identities secret in order to save these youngsters from the war and the terrible acts of these ruthless men.

This is a heart warming, and yet heart breaking, story of the kindness of others in a time of war. We award this documentary the Dove Faith Friendly Seal for all ages although younger audience members may not understand what was going on.

Content Description

Sex: none
Language: none
Violence: Discussions regarding the separation from family, torture, violence by the Nazis; Old scenes of WWII
Drugs: none
Nudity: none
Other: discrimination of people because of their faith


Company: Gateway Films / Vision Video
Director: Karen Pascal
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 50 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Starring: Sonja Smits, Vera van der Wijk Yehros, Jan Hof, Remkes Kooistra
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe