Israel: The Womb of the Kingdom of God

DVD Release: June 23, 2015
Israel: The Womb of the Kingdom of God


This two-hour documentary, presented by Lance Lambert, traces what happened to nations, empires, and individuals who stood against God’s ancient covenant people and His plan to bring salvation to the world through them.

Dove Review

“Israel: The Womb of the Kingdom of God” is an aptly titled documentary that begins with God’s covenant with Abraham, in which all the nations of the earth would be blessed through him. This fascinating film features host Lance Lambert, who guides the viewer through various scenes in Israel, and narrators Roger Climpson and Jonathan Settel. The film features paintings and illustrations, live action scenes from Egypt and Israel, and comments from various experts, which paint a vivid portrait of Israel’s history.

The documentary covers various topics, including man’s fall, the Exodus and Mosaic Covenant, the Philistines, Israel’s Great Enemy, Israel’s Rebellion and Exile, Attempted Genocide, the New Covenant, and the Fall of the Roman Empire. Experts, including Dr. Jack Hayford, Malcolm Hedding, and Chuck and Michael Cohen, share insights about the crucifixion story of Jesus. Hedding examines Paul’s comment about being dead in sin, and how God pursued man in the Abrahamic Covenant. Hayford states that the Abrahamic Covenant is one of the ultimate declarations of God for humanity.

This remarkable film takes the viewer to historic sites in Israel and brings the scriptures to life. It provides a wonderful history lesson of Israel and God’s plan for the Jews. We are pleased to award it our Faith Friendly 12+ Seal. This film brings the Nation of Israel right into your home!

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: Some violent illustrations, including Abraham's sacrifice of animals to God and the resultant blood; bloody crucifixion scenes, including the nails driven into the hands and feet; battle scenes with some blood; an image of Goliath's bloody, headless body and David holding up his head; an illustration of Haman hanging for his plot against the Jews.
Drugs: Wine used in communion service.
Nudity: Slaves in loin cloths in illustrations; nude statues of men and women, with breasts and male genitalia.
Other: Comments about the Jews forsaking God for a time; the history of a man who offered up a pig on the altar.


Company: Gateway Films / Vision Video
Writer: Hugh Kitson
Director: Hugh Kitson
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 114 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter