Walter: Lessons from the World’s Oldest People

DVD Release: April 8, 2014
Walter: Lessons from the World’s Oldest People


After an encounter with Walter Breuning, the World’s Oldest Man, Hunter Weeks and his fiancée, Sarah, embark on an adventure to meet the oldest people in the world, including some of the people born in the 1800s. Capturing the extraordinary lives of people 110 years or older, including the World’s Oldest Person, Besse Cooper of Georgia, the couple’s journey sheds light on what is truly important in life. Traveling across the United States, Cuba, and Italy, Hunter and Sarah explore life’s lessons through the stories of several living super-centenarians and the families who support them. “Walter” connects us to the inspiring lives of our elders and their lessons for living life right.

Dove Review

Living to be older than 110 years of age is amazing. Join Hunter as he visits the two oldest persons in the “Guinness Book of Records”: Walter, the oldest man, and Bessie, the oldest woman. Walter and Bessie talk about the changes that have happened in the world over their lifetimes, from horse-drawn carriages to aerospace, the first earthquake in San Francisco, the sinking of the Titanic, and other events that the rest of us have only read about. Their stories are endearing, heartwarming and sometimes heartbreaking. Learn what they say about how or what has kept them on Earth so long. We award this documentary about the longevity of life the Dove Family Approved Seal for 12-plus.

Content Description

Sex: Young couple hug and lie on bed together clothed; they are engaged, and at the end of movie, they get married
Language: H-2;
Violence: None
Drugs: Discussion about drinking wine and beer
Nudity: None
Other: Death


Company: Cinedigm
Director: Hunter Weeks
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 83 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Starring: Walter Breuning
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe