Heroes of Dirt

DVD Release: December 8, 2015
Heroes of Dirt


Passionate BMX dirt jumper Phin Cooper (Joel Moody) wants nothing in life but to attain fame in his sport and get paid for it. After missing out on a competition when he lands in jail for unpaid citations, he is court-ordered for community service and reluctantly mentors one of the toughest boys, Blue Espinosa (Will Martinez). As Phin leads the troubled teen on exciting adventures of riding dirt trails, big jumps and cityscapes, Blue becomes more than an obligation — he becomes an unlikely friend whose secret world of drug trafficking threatens Phin’s ultimate dream.

Dove Review

Phin dreams of becoming a great BMX dirt jumper and competing in contests, but so far, he hasn’t succeeded. His parents were hoping he’d go to college, which is not something he wants to do. Being selfish and only thinking of himself and not the future, he finds himself in a little trouble and is mandated by the court to do community service at Calvary Youth Center. Little does he know that this experience is going to change his entire outlook on life.

“Heroes of Dirt” is a story of a young man, who learns from being a mentor to a young boy, that there is more to life then yourself. This is a fascinating film about bike riders and their stunts, but the real story is about helping young kids stay out of trouble and off the street by getting them involved in sports, which build confidence and hope for a better world.

We recommend this film for older children and encourage parents to have a discussion with them about the consequences of being in gangs and taking drugs and the tragedies that often come with that lifestyle. Watching this film is a great way to encourage kids to get involved in a sport or other positive activity and stay out of trouble.

We award this film the Dove Family Approved Seal for ages 12+.

Content Description

Sex: Woman goes to bed at a party to have sex
Language: "Freakin" in song lyrics; "P.ssing me off"; D-1; H-2; G-1; A-1; Scr.wed over
Violence: Young man is tied up and threatened with a torch; young man on bike tries to outrun cops; discussion about a father who was shot in the head on his way home from work; men beat up young boy; man puts gun to another's head; man holds a torch to a young man's side; men shoot at two young men on scooter; man is beating up another; a man is shot
Drugs: "Free Beer" sign; comment about not selling drugs to kids or giving them razors; woman makes son get her pills; woman is lying on bed all drugged up and out of it; teenager puts pills in pocket; teenager meets drug dealers and gives them the pills; boy steals drugs from dealers; man helps make a drug bust; a couple of scenes with man drinking beer
Nudity: Shirtless young men; women sexually dressed
Other: Boy is ticketed for riding bike in public areas where it is banned; father and son argue; young man uses toilet brush to clean a sink; selfishness


Company: LightWorx Entertainment
Director: Eric Bugbee
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 102 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe