DVD Release: August 11, 2015


Based on true events, “Broken” is a gritty, hard-hitting, controversial, yet honest depiction of a troubled teen searching for answers in all of the wrong places. It’s a story that screams to be told.
Kids today are trying everything — taking experiences to dangerous new levels, searching for the next new high — but is it working? One in 12 teens will cut themselves and even more will inflict self-harm. One in five will experience depression. One in six will consider suicide, and one in 12 will attempt it. So, are kids better off, or are they more miserable than ever? Maybe the whole process of adolescence is broken.
A troubled teen (Soren Fulton) on a weekend youth retreat gets captured by three escaped convicts (Joe Stevens, Brad Stine, William White), who are hiding out in the vast expanses of the Rocky Mountains. He must leave behind a troubled past and face the challenge of a lifetime, if he’s to survive.

“Poignant” and “Inspiring,” “Broken” is a high-stakes game of cat and mouse that eventually leads a wayward kid and his pursuers to the top of a hundred foot cliff and a choice that will change everything and everyone.

Dove Review

“Broken” is a gritty and edgy film, which is based on a true story. A troubled young man named John yearns for some attention from his parents, but his dad is always busy with his multi-million dollar business and his mom has an attitude. She says, for example, that a new church just opening in town is a bad idea and worse than having a brothel. John hangs out with a negative friend, but then one day meets Emma, a pretty young woman, who invites him to church camp. He has no intention of going, but as he keeps thinking of Emma’s joyful face, he decides to give it a try and brings his friend along.

Unfortunately, during the pastor’s sermon at camp, John lets loose with a tirade about all that he has been through and states God hasn’t been there for him. His buddy encourages him to leave, and they do so, with Emma pleading with him to stay. The taxi doesn’t go far, and John decides to get out and think things over. Soon, three escaped convicts are on the same path, and circumstances get worse when John is captured and then has to flee for his life.

The story features some fine moments, including a scene in which one of the convicts attempts to help John. His name is Val, and he became a Christian in prison. However, the leader of the group, a vicious hardhearted man named Buddy, has no compassion at all and wants ransom money for John. This story about the struggles of life and the search for a deeper spiritual meaning will hit home with many people. The film does contain a few strong scenes of violence as well as onscreen drug use, although the young man who uses drugs becomes a Christian at the end. We are, therefore, awarding the film our Faith Based Seal. It features an inspiring theme: Change is possible!

Content Description

Sex: Young man says, if he went to have sex with his girlfriend, his parents would tell him to "stay safe."
Language: G/OG-3; Good G-1; D-6; H-6; Go to H-1; SOB-2; Frickin-3; Butt-1; Poop-1; Moron-1; A-2; Jesus Freak-1; Sucks-1
Violence: Several scenes of violence, including an ax striking a man's stomach. A lot of blood is seen on-screen; characters shove and kick each other and a man gets a bloody nose from a kick; young man has a long fall and blood is seen on his hands and face; a young man is tied up with duct tape; gun held to characters; man shoots at a tree near a young man; man shot in back.
Drugs: The mention of getting drinks; onscreen drug use, including snorting cocaine, meth; comments about drug use and snorting; the mention of wine; prescription medication, including an inhaler for asthma; the mention of anti-depressants.
Nudity: Kids in swimwear.
Other: Young man has drawings of devil, skulls, and death; kids mention a suicide pact; one young man, apparently an evil spirit, constantly speaks against the church, mocks and encourages his "friend" to give in to death; tattoos on a young man's arm; death and grief; strong tension between characters; a character vomits.


Company: Sixty 40 Productions
Writer: Mark Cramer
Director: Damian Fulton
Producer: Chad Hawkins
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 88 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter