The Holy Family

DVD Release: December 1, 2015
The Holy Family


“The Holy Family” depicts one of the greatest love stories ever told. This film delves into the human side of the story and familial relationship between Mary and Joseph, as they raise the Son of God. Their love survives the flight to Egypt, and they endure the hardships of survival in a foreign country, the task of raising and educating a young boy, and the many problems that Jesus unwittingly provokes because of who he is.

Dove Review

“The Holy Family” succeeds at dramatizing some of the biblical events in the lives of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, and setting up dramatic conflict between the Romans and the Jews and conflict between various characters. Despite the dramatic content, the film does include some humor, including a scene in which Joseph deals with a stubborn mule.

The film focuses on the story of Joseph and Mary’s betrothal, the eventual birth of Jesus in a manger, Jesus’s childhood and his developing relationship with Joseph and Mary.

The movie features strong acting, beautiful cinematography, and highlights of Jesus’ childhood. The story of Joseph and Mary comes back to life in this inspirational film. We are pleased to award “The Holy Family” our Faith Friendly Seal for all ages, although it is not intended for young children.

Content Description

Sex: A man shows interest in a betrothed woman, but the relationship doesn't progress.
Language: None
Violence: Romans ride into the village aggressively; someone thrusts a spear into a man, but we only see the spear being thrown and the man's face, wincing in pain; Jesus sees a man being crucified on a cross, but the scene does not show the man on the cross; boys pick on Jesus; girl is shoved and falls and hits her head on a rock and dies, or is near death, when Jesus heals her; a dream that a woman is being stoned, but we only see the stones cast at her.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Some creative license in relational conversations or events, but the film stays close to scripture.


Company: Barnholtz Ent.
Director: Raffaele Mertes
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 156 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter