Noah: The Motion Comic

DVD Release: July 9, 2014
Noah: The Motion Comic


The year is approximately 2400 B.C., and the earth is filled with every kind of wickedness and violence. God decides to destroy mankind with a great flood and to start anew. He calls a man named Noah to build a great ark to save his family and the animals of the earth. “Noah” is a new motion comic from Kingstone Comics.

Dove Review

“Noah” is a tremendous work, an animated comic that stays true to the biblical story and features outstanding voice work. Connor Seamus Maroney voices Noah, and Monica Quinn narrates this dramatic and compelling feature.

The film is based on the biblical account from the book of Genesis and features Noah preparing the ark, despite the mocking of various people toward him and his sons. The animals come into the ark when Noah finishes building it, and, with Noah and his family safely aboard, the rain and then the flood descends on the Earth. Those among the people outside the ark of safety realize that they should have heeded Noah’s warnings. For, as one man says, Noah was always a trustworthy and righteous man.

The animation is terrific, and the drama works well. Don’t let the fact that the movie is animated make you hesitate about watching this vivid portrayal of the story of Noah and the ark. We are pleased to award it our Faith Friendly 12-plus Seal and five Doves, the highest rating.

Content Description

Sex: A prostitute hints that she is available to a man, and although he states he is married, she says many of her clients have been married.
Language: Fool-1; Shut up-3
Violence: Man slays brother, but the scene is a still image and not graphic; scene of men in battle with drawn swords; man strikes man.
Drugs: Drinking at various gatherings; drink is mentioned; a man grows his own vineyard and becomes drunk after imbibing; a comment about "good women and good drink."
Nudity: Shirtless men in a few scenes; statement that Noah was naked after becoming intoxicated, but only his bare chest is visible.
Other: Talk of slaves for sale; woman steals man's horse and cattle; people mock Noah and his sons and his "boat"; the flooding of the Earth with people remaining, but nothing graphic is visible.


Company: Kingstone Comics
Writer: Ben Avery
Director: Stan Severance
Producer: Art Ayris
Genre: Animated
Runtime: 30 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter