Beyond Christmas

DVD Release: October 12, 2004
Beyond Christmas


Three benevolent spirits work behind the scenes to ensure that a young couple, who they met at Christmas, will find a way to be together and have a love that will last forever. “Beyond Christmas” is restored and in color.

Dove Review

“Beyond Christmas” is a warm holiday story that touches the heart, no matter what time of the year or season. It is the story of a wealthy man named Michael who, with the help of his two good friends, makes a dream come true for a man named Jimmy and a woman named Jean, who fall for each other instantly when they meet. Jimmy has a dream of being a singer, and Michael helps him realize his dream.

Madam Tanya (Maria Ouspenskaya), an elderly woman who lives in the home, has a premonition that the three men — Michael and his friends — should not travel on the plane they intend to take on a trip. Sure enough, a tragedy occurs and the three men die. However, their three spirits live on, and they try to help Jimmy and Jean from beyond the grave. Jimmy’s sudden success and the schemes of Arlene Terry almost tear Jean and Jimmy apart, but if the three spirits have something to say about the situation, Jimmy and Jean will wind up together.

This movie features some humor, excellent performances, and a belief in the afterlife. It does feature a man who held on to bitterness, but he receives a second chance at Heaven following his death. The film also promotes the idea that the angels in Heaven rejoice over a sinner who repents. We award “Beyond Christmas” our Dove Family Approved Seal. “Beyond Christmas” has an old fashioned warmth to it.

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: A man shoots two people in a non-graphic scene.
Sex: Man kisses elderly woman on cheek; kissing between a couple.
Language: "You fool"-1
Violence: A man shoots two people in a non-graphic scene.
Drugs: Drinking and smoking a pipe and cigarettes in several scenes; a couple of toasts; a few characters are inebriated; nightclub scene.
Nudity: None
Other: Three spirits live beyond the grave and wait for a "call" to Heaven, with one who repents over his bitterness; death and grief; a woman's boyfriend hurts her.


Company: Legend Films
Producer: Lee Garmes
Genre: Classic
Runtime: 84 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter