The World Before Her

DVD Release: August 6, 2015
The World Before Her


Moving between two extremes—the intimate verité drama of the Miss India pageant’s rigorous beauty “boot camp” and the intense regime of a militant Hindu fundamentalist camp for young girls—”The World Before Her” delivers a provocative portrait of India and its current cultural conflicts during a key transitional era in the country’s modern history.

Dove Review

“The World Before Her” shows the intersection of the modern world and the culture of the past, as they clash in India. Young women who want to be educated and self sufficient are hand-picked to compete for the title of Miss India in a pageant. These women exude confidence and have a large support system, but they also face dangers in their quest for success. While the film documents the pageant life, it also tells the story of the young Indian girls who attend military boot camp. Through intense training, they learn how to shoot guns to protect themselves and others from anyone they believe would infringe upon their Hindu faith and traditions.

This enlightening documentary shows how violent one group of women are willing to become, as they fight against anyone who defies tradition, and how the other group of women are often beaten for their desire to modernize.

We award this documentary the Dove Family Approved Seal for 12-plus, due to the nature of the intense topic.

Content Description

Sex: Comment about making the young ladies' "boobs" stand out; sexually dressed woman on billboard
Language: None
Violence: Young girls shooting guns; threats against Christians and Muslims; girl talks of mother slapping her for looking into a mirror; protesters rioting in the streets, beating young ladies; discussion of father's disciple of his daughter
Drugs: Young lady gets Botox;
Nudity: Young ladies in bikinis, short shorts, tank tops, midriffs showing, and cleavage
Other: Hindu prayers and chants; people married by the age of 18; physical and mental training


Company: Cinedigm
Director: Nisha Pahuja
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 91 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe