What Matters?

DVD Release: April 1, 2014
What Matters?


Three friends, two idealistic activists and one skeptic, attempt to live in extreme poverty (on $1.25 a day) across three continents. When two of them survive a deadly plane crash in Africa, all three must fight to finish what they started.

Dove Review

“What Matters?” is not only the title of this documentary by filmmaker Dan Parris, but also a question three young men asked themselves as they set out to find the answer. In this documentary, they take a journey to Africa to experience firsthand the poverty and the plight of the people there. Join Dan, David, and Rob as they hitchhike from St. Louis to New York, catch a flight to London, and travel onward to Greece and then Africa.

They attempt to live on a $1.25 per day and, as expected, they experience some challenges along the way, including a plane crash with Dan and Rob aboard. You will have to view the film to see how it all turns out, but this video journey will encourage you to think about this question: Can one person make a difference? The people of Africa, despite their difficult living situations, sing and attend church and are happy people. Much of the documentary is enlightening, as you see how little others have to live and survive. Later on, David becomes the voice of the film, along with his brother Tim, following Dan’s accident. The film also shows what is going on in Dan’s, David’s and Rob’s lives today.

Rob, a self-proclaimed atheist, says he attempted to save a man’s life in the crash and he also realizes more than ever the need to help another person. This documentary will move you. Despite some uses of harsh language and some blood visible on the faces of those injured in the crash, this film is a must-see. We are happy to award it our Faith Friendly Seal for ages 12-plus. “What Matters?” will encourage you to ask that very same question. These young men deserve credit for taking on a difficult mission, and this film chronicles their journey. “What Matters?” has earned four Doves.

Content Description

Sex: The talk of HIV and AIDS in Africa; a comment about condoms and virginity; statement that a man slept on a bench in a "gay pick-up area" without him realizing.
Language: OMG-1; D-4; S-6; BS-1; A-1; Butt-2; Freakin-1; H (as a biblical place)-2; Poop-1; "Bi*ch" (in a song)-1; a few words are "bleeped"; "Lord Jesus" stated in prayer.
Violence: A plane crashes, and we see video of the fire and two survivors with wounds and blood; man has a lot of blood on face; man gets stitches in head, and some blood is visible; a couple of hunters shoot guns.
Drugs: Man smokes; man who used Xanax after a crash says he became dependent on it for a while; IV given to man in hospital.
Nudity: Shirtless boys and men; nude child; a barrel covers an obviously nude man.
Other: An atheist talks about the "Jesus nonsense" and how he doesn't rely on God but himself; others are strong Christians and trust God and pray; a urine bag is visible; film shows a leper with missing fingers; a man's face is not visible, but the film shows him urinating; film shows an ugly toilet.


Company: Cinedigm
Writer: Dan Parris
Director: Dan Parris
Producer: Dan Parris
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 87 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter