The Visit

Theatrical Release: September 11, 2015
The Visit


A single mother finds that events in her family’s life go very wrong after her two young children visit their grandparents.

Dove Review

“The Visit” succeeds in providing frightening images, if that is what people like. The image of a grandmother chasing her grandchildren, in a sort of half-play, half-menacing way is a bit scary. Add a bloody hammer and some killings into the mix, and the movie becomes scarier yet. And don’t forget the vomit being projected from a character and a soiled adult diaper. All of this might be a bit much for many viewers.

In this story, a single mother decides to take her kids to see their grandparents. Their mother left home long ago after a bad fight, so the grandparents haven’t seen the grandkids and really want to. The mom (Kathryn Hahn), who has tended to make bad decisions over the years, hopes the trip will be good for both the kids and for her, as she goes to hang out with her boyfriend. Teen daughter Becca decides to kill two birds with one stone and record the trip for a school project, as a record of a journey and her life at the time.

However, after the initial greetings with the grandparents, “Nana” and “Pop Pop” begin to act, to put it mildly, very strangely. Soon, Becca and her brother Tyler begin to wonder: Are these two strange people really their grandparents? And if not, where are their true grandparents and what happened to them? What they find is frightening and horror-filled, not to mention violent.

Due to the strong content of this film, including language and nudity, we are unable to award “The Visit” our Dove Seal. .

Content Description

Sex: Implied sex, as a woman is at a beach resort for several days with her boyfriend; a boy makes a reference about the girls at school and implies they would want him sexually.
Language: GD-1; G/OG-1; F-1; S-2; D-1; A-2; H-2; Crap-1; Slang for breasts-1; B*tch-2; a sexual comment about girls at school; "Idiot"-1; Spoiled brats-1; Shut up-1; "You little pudge"-1.
Violence: An older man confronts a younger man and shoves him into a pole and he falls into the snow; a girl smacks her brother; an older woman slaps herself in the head; a young woman hangs from a tree; girl finds a hammer with dried blood on it, and she discovers a dead body; apparently, an older character hit a boy in the head, as he is seen holding his head; girl is dragged upstairs; a character repeatedly pushes a girl's head into a mirror until it breaks; girl uses a glass shard to defend herself, and blood is splattered on her; girl is thrown down; girl bashes character's head over and over with a refrigerator door; a woman shares that, as a teen, she once hit her mother, but then her father hit her back for it; several people are killed.
Drugs: A kid jokes about his mom being in high school years ago and acts like he is smoking a marijuana cigarette; a couple of brief cigarette smoking scenes.
Nudity: Full rear nudity of older woman in a couple of scenes; side view of woman's breast is visible; cleavage in a few scenes; women in bikinis; a young man posts a video of himself, shirtless.
Other: Jump scenes; tension between characters; vomit and excrement are visible; a girl lies to her mom and says she didn't whack her brother; frightening images, including that of a woman hanging and a grandmother half-playing and half-chasing her grandchild.


Company: Universal Pictures
Genre: Horror
Runtime: 94 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter