A Better Way/Let Me Live

DVD Release: October 9, 2015
A Better Way/Let Me Live


A Better Way
A positive and encouraging look at one of the most crucial and controversial issues of today – crisis pregnancy. It is a moral dilemma that confronts us individually and collectively as a society, and it is not easy, because so often pregnancy comes along when couples are least prepared and often don’t want a baby. In this film, you will meet real people who, in the midst of crisis situations, let love be their guide and found “A Better Way.”

Let Me Live
Dear concerned friend,
This heartfelt project is the result of a vision the Lord has given me, the result of anguish in my spirit and torture in my heart about the “slaughter of innocents” in our very midst…in America. Proverbs 31:8 says, “I will open my mouth for the speechless, in the cause of those appointed to die.” As you experience this video, please consider sharing it as often and in as many ways as you can. This is a battle that believers must fight and win. The gates of hell cannot prevail against an informed and equipped body of Christ.

Dove Review

“A Better Way/Let Me Live,” narrated by Pat Boone, are two amazing videos combined in one set. The first film, “Let Me Live,” features a beautiful song, sung by a child, and shows the development of a baby from the womb to birth. In the opening scene, a young boy kisses his father, and children laugh and play on monkey bars. The children are enjoying life. This scene shows the contrast to what the alternative might be: abortion, and no life or joy.

In the second video, “A Better Way,” a host talks to several families who decided to keep a child, and not abort him or her, although the circumstances were difficult. One woman was raped and chose to have her child, and her daughter wound up looking like her grandfather, which pleased her. Both mother and daughter are close today, and the mother says, “He (God) made something wonderful out of a tragic experience, and here I have this beautiful daughter.” In another case, a woman was 40 and discouraged from having her child, but she wound up giving birth to a child who was proclaimed to be a genius. More importantly, says the mother, he is a compassionate person. In another case, a couple chose to adopt three children, two of whom have Down Syndrome but are both affectionate and well-loved.

Love is the better way that Pat Boone promotes, and these two videos are powerful and compelling. As he states near the end of the second video, “It is a matter of choice. Once those choices are made, they’re final. So final.” We are pleased to award our “Faith-Friendly” 12-plus Seal to this DVD set, along with five Doves, our best rating.

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: A rape is mentioned.
Sex: A girl reportedly conceived a child in the back of a car; a victim of rape chose to have her baby.
Language: None
Violence: A rape is mentioned.
Drugs: None
Nudity: Nude baby boy, and genitals are briefly visible.
Other: Comments about women being pressured to have an abortion.


Company: Pat Boone Enterprises
Writer: Pat Boone
Director: Michael Casey
Producer: Charlie Tutor
Genre: Inspirational
Runtime: 35 min.
Starring: Narrated by Pat Boone
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter