Tempting Fate

DVD Release: February 16, 2016
Tempting Fate


Two brothers, one of deep faith and the other buried in a life of crime, have their worlds torn apart when the wrong one goes to jail and the other commits an unforgivable act.

They share the same blood but walk a parallel path. “Tempting Fate” is the story of two brothers, Edu and his older brother Ugo Okoye. Edu is a talented singer, and he is calm, reflective and peaceful. He relies on his spirituality and the love of his wonderful girlfriend, Tracey, to help him combat a life-threatening illness. On the other hand, Ugo is hotheaded, impulsive and, at times, menacing. He becomes entangled in a life of robbery and crime, which he knows will lead him down a path of destruction. However, it’s not an easy path to leave — a point his gang leader Scorpion has made clear. In an attempt to get money for a lifesaving procedure for his brother, Ugo triggers a chain of events that sends their worlds clashing, leaving behind a trail of hurt, deception and betrayal. Does the walker choose the path, or the path the walker?

This film has three language versions: English, Spanish and Yoruba, each on a separate DVD.

Dove Review

“Tempting Fate” is about not tempting fate, for, as the movie shows, it doesn’t have a happy ending unless one finds divine forgiveness. Two brothers from Africa, Ugo (Ramsey Nouah) and his younger brother Edu (Andrew Onochie), are as different as day and night. Ugo claims he doesn’t believe in God, and he is involved in drugs and the criminal world of the Scorpions. Edu, on the other hand, sings in church and has a loving and kind spirit. He becomes engaged to a Christian woman named Tracey (Tiffany Denise Turner). Despite telling the Scorpion leader that he is through with the gang, Ugo gives in and agrees to one more deed, which will nab him a lot of money needed for his brother Edu’s cancer operation. But the one-last-time robbery tempts fate and, when Ugo ducks into his house with some red-hot stolen money, the police don’t catch him — they arrest Edu instead.

Edu can take the fall and be out of prison in three years or let his brother, the true culprit, take the fall and face 25 years. Edu sacrifices himself for his brother, but when Ugo’s drunken moment leads to his betrayal of Edu, Edu’s life turns upside down. Will forgiveness even be an option when Edu gets out of jail in three years? The movie features a captivating story line, but the film contains drug sales and a couple of people tasting the cocaine to see if it is “good stuff” or not, and some bloody violence. Therefore, we are awarding the movie our Faith Based Seal. Make sure and put this one on your viewing list!

Content Description

Sex: A couple kiss; a man and his brother's fiancee get drunk and have sex, and the film shows them kissing, but the sex is mostly implied; a pregnancy results, but they ask forgiveness later in the movie.
Language: O/G-1; OMG-1; H (as a Biblical place)-1; Crap-1; Scumbags-1; Shut up-2
Violence: Several scenes of violence, including guns held on people; people shot and killed; man's white T-shirt is very bloody after he is shot; fights and martial arts; man's bloody hands; angry man smashes a glass on a man's head and blood is on his head.
Drugs: A cop and a drug seller both taste cocaine, the drug seller to see if it is "good stuff," and the cop to see what it is for sure; cocaine shown on a table a few times; drug sales; a man looks like he is smoking a marijuana cigarette; several drinking scenes, including wine and the mention of vodka and drinking; characters are drunk, and a woman says she can't see straight; cigarette smoking and cigarette seen in a character's mouth; cigar smoking.
Nudity: Cleavage in a few scenes.
Other: Tension between characters; man wants pregnant woman to get rid of baby, but she refuses.


Company: Kevstel Group
Director: Kevin Nwankwor
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 98 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter