The Messenger’s Box

DVD Release: November 2, 2015
The Messenger’s Box


When high school student Jake Casper finds a small wooden box in the attic of his grandpa’s antique store, his life is forever changed, especially when he discovers a secret compartment that appears to contain a nail used during Christ’s crucifixion. Now, the more Jake learns of the power within the box and its purpose, the more obstacles he must overcome to get the box to a stranger before it’s too late. A powerful faith-based film, The Messenger’s Box demonstrates why we should never underestimate the power within our hearts.

Dove Review

“The Messenger’s Box” is a unique and inspirational story that bridges the gap between the time of Christ and the present. The box turns out to be a symbol or allegory of Christ’s redemption and healing for human lives. The box is left for a man’s grandson, Jake, to find. Jake experiences a flash of light and an image of Christ’s crucifixion when he opens the box. He experiences a great sense of peace, too. Later, he finds a nail in the box, as well. He knows there is something unique about it, but not everyone experiences this phenomenon as Jake does. However, a bully, named Richie, who picks on Jake, experiences it and the box freaks him out.

Later, the story reveals why Richie experienced the images of the box as Jake did. Richie will need a miracle — one that will require God’s help. Did God bring Jake into Richie’s life as part of a divine plan, in order to save Richie’s life? We are pleased to award “The Messenger’s Box” our “Faith-Friendly” Seal for ages 12-plus. The box, and the movie, contain a message of hope.

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: A man's grandson mutters, "Crazy old Grandpa"; Clowns-1; Butt-1; Idiot-1
Violence: Shoving and spitting at boys; images of Christ with blood on him and of the crucifixion, but the scenes are not gratuitous; boy shoved on table; a drawing of Jesus on the cross; an elderly homeless man is attacked and has a bloody nose.
Drugs: None
Nudity: Shirtless Christ in loin cloth on cross.
Other: CPR administered on a teen boy; tension between characters; boy no longer goes to church but starts thinking about going again; kids try to get past security guards in hospital to help save their friend.


Company: Bridgestone Multimedia Group
Writer: Jamie Smith
Director: Gary Bosek
Genre: Inspirational
Runtime: 90 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter