DVD Release: November 15, 2016


As a group of classmates train for the upcoming championship in track, swimming, gymnastics and dance, the competition is fierce in the sport and their personal lives. These are ordinary teens who deal with real life struggles in their family, school — especially the pressure to be someone when others tell them that they’re no one. An unexpected tragedy changes the playing field and tests their endurance. Which of them will remain steadfast?

Dove Review

“Steadfast” does a great job in making a statement: bullying is not acceptable! The movie revolves around several characters, including Moriah (Ashley King), a Christian girl who is always nice to those around her, even to Claire (Kaci Shoner), who can’t stand her Christian ethics and wants her boyfriend, Nick (James-Thomas Frank), for herself. A young man named Jesse (Jacob Shoner) is dealing with the recent loss of his mother, a distant father, and bullying. Claire is dealing with an abusive father who is always drunk, and Abby is unhappy and begins cutting herself. When Nick puts pressure on Moriah to have sex with him, they go their separate ways. But Nick can’t get over how Moriah is always a nice person. He begins to wonder if he could have the same relationship with God that she has.

This thought-provoking film features a lot of teen angst and the various problems they face. It also makes clear that their battles are not only natural, but spiritual as well. The ending is filled with promise and hope. We are pleased to award “Steadfast” our “Faith-Friendly” Seal for ages 12-plus.

Content Description

Sex: Teen boy and girl kiss a few times and he kisses her neck at one point, but she stops him; girls encourage a girl to have sex with a boy in order to keep him; a few comments about sex; a pastor talks about saying no to sex; teens hold up signs during the credits about what they used to be before they met Christ, and one teen holds up a sign saying, "Former sexual sin."
Language: G-1; "Pansy"-1; "Stoner"-1; "Bite me"-1; "Sucks"-1; "Butt"-1; "Slut"-1; "Crappy"-1; A girl is told to "Go cut yourself".
Violence: A girl is shoved and her books are kicked; a young man is shoved; a dad shoves his daughter; a girl is shoved in the water; a girl has been cutting herself, but we do not see her doing so.
Drugs: Beer in refrigerator; a mother has a hangover; a father is almost always drunk and is verbally and physically abusive to his family, especially to his daughter; young adults briefly drink, and one smokes a cigarette; a pastor talks about saying no to drugs; the smoking of marijuana is implied but not seen: people cough and someone holds a pipe.
Nudity: A few scenes of girls in one-piece swimsuit; cleavage.
Other: Death, and the grief of the father and son left behind; the subject of bullying; a young man commits suicide, although it is alluded to but not shown: character is seen with a noose; a father gets down on his son about doing better in sports; a couple argues frequently; girls mock and ask who "this Jesus guy" is and they say, "Save me, Nick."


Company: Rock Mission Media
Producer: Barbara Shoner
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 86 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter