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My All American

What Freddie Steinmark wants most in the world is to play football. Deemed too small by the usual athletic standards, his father trains him hard, and Freddie brings a fight to the game that ultimately gets him noticed -- by none other than legendary University of Texas coach, Darrell Royal. Awarded a scholarship and a chance to play for the Longhorns, Freddie sets off to Austin, determined to make the team. Alongside his old teammate Bobby Mitchell and new pal James Street, he rises to the occasion and gives the Longhorns a real chance to turn the team around. But just when they're reveling in the success of the season, Freddie suffers an injury that leads him to a shocking diagnosis and the biggest challenge he will ever face.
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“My All American” is an inspiring film. It is based on the true story of Freddie Steinmark, a smaller-than-usual football player who made a name for himself, thanks to his tremendous grit and positive attitude. Finn Wittrock is terrific in his role of Freddie. Freddie winds up playing safety for the Texas Longhorns under Coach Darrell Royal, also superbly played by Aaron Eckhart. Coach Royal is tough but fair. Freddie gives his all to everything he does in life and consistently goes to church and prays. He helps those around him to become better, including his good friend Bobby. Freddie is a huge help after Bobby receives some tragic family news. Even Coach Royal, after speaking with Freddie before a game, tells him he always feels better after he talks with him.

Freddie gets support from his girlfriend, Linda (Sarah Bolger). As the Texas Longhorns get close to a National Championship game against Arkansas, in 1969, Sarah notices the limp that Freddie attempts to cover up in the games and keeps reminding him to see a doctor. Coach Royal shows concern, too. However, Freddie puts them off and promises he will see a doctor after the big Arkansas game. What he learns after the big game will require more determination than he ever displayed in a tight football game.

This film lifts the viewer up to a positive height, with its themes of faith, positive attitude and encouragement. We are happy to award it our “Faith-Based” Seal with Caution for onscreen drug use and partial male nudity. “My All American” scores a touchdown!

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Football roughness in practice and in games.


A young man and his girlfriend kiss several times; couple rolls around on grass a few times, and girlfriend lies on top of boyfriend in a brief scene.


By G-1; H-9; D-6; Da*mit-1; A-2; S.O.B.-1; B.S.-1; Butts-2; Bull Crap-1; "You Mullets"-1; "You're Nuts"-1; friends make a couple of "You Dink" comments in jest.


Football roughness in practice and in games.


In a brief scene, a couple of young men are smoking marijuana cigarettes, and a girl says, "Isn't that illegal?"; statement that a priest invites players over to the rectory for a few beers.


Rear male nudity for a moment, as a player attempts to make the other players laugh; shirtless men.


A young man loses his brother in Vietnam and wonders why God allowed his brother's death, but he prays with a friend; a young man has a tumor in his leg.

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