Gene Therapy (Book)

Book Release: September 19, 2015
Gene Therapy (Book)


A woman, fresh from a fight with her husband, joins her cousin at a comedy club. But what they both receive is much more than entertainment and turns out to be illuminating as well.

Dove Review

“Gene Therapy” is an original story that is creative and offers an innovative way to reach modern audiences with the gospel. The setting of the Comedy Club, “Bandanna’s,” is interesting. So are the characters: Raphie, Ali and Maria, and Gene. Although some drinking takes place and a few guys “hit” on Ali and Maria, their advances never get very far. Gene uses his “gift,” the word of knowledge, and makes an impact on people’s lives, even though he is a flawed, ordinary man. His character will hit home with many readers. He reaches Ali and Maria with the Gospel when they most need it, when they are vulnerable: Maria due to loneliness and Ali due to her argument with her husband and her lack of desire to be at Bandanna’s.

I think the story ends well, too, and as Gene is doing his “act” or, in this case, actually being used of God, I was curious as to what would come next in the story. I think the suspense that builds up in the story works nicely. If the content remains the same, we would love to be able to review this story when it is made into a film and award it the Dove Seal, just as we are doing for the “Gene Therapy” book, which is awarded our “Faith-Friendly” 12-plus Seal. “Gene Therapy” could be more than entertainment for the reader–it could be, well, good therapy!

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: Two men head outside to fight a Christian man, and only the Christian man comes back.
Sex: A husband and wife kiss; a couple of guys hit on two women, and one of the women is married, but the guys are stopped; a man questionably "brushes up" against a woman at the comedy club.
Language: "Liar"-1; "You're a loser"-1
Violence: Two men head outside to fight a Christian man, and only the Christian man comes back.
Drugs: Drinking at a comedy club; cigarette smoke in the air; a "buzz-kill" comment; a few people in the comedy club appear to be inebriated.
Nudity: None
Other: A couple bickers and throws "verbal bombs" at each other; stress and tension between characters; woman leaves husband for a time; an "I hate her" comment; the tears of a husband and wife.


Company: The Radical Ride
Writer: Lanny Smith
Genre: Drama
Pages: 70
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter