Life in Osborn

DVD Release: January 1, 2016
Life in Osborn


Life in Osborn is the story of hope for one of Detroit’s most-blighted neighborhoods. Chronicling the efforts of the Detroit-based non-profit Life Remodeled to make a sustainable difference in the northeast Detroit community that once was the most violent ZIP Code in the United States, Life in Osborn follows the project centered on a makeover of Osborn High School, the amazing transformation of deeply depressed, cynical and skeptical Osborn resident Pandora Ingram, who lost a son to gang violence, and the efforts of more than 10,000 volunteers from businesses, churches and Osborn residents on a memorable journey of sometimes dark urban life mixed with occasional humor and pervasive hope of a formerly proud working-class neighborhood’s attempt to reclaim its heritage. Two-time Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Walter V. Marshall, who grew up in Detroit, directs and narrates the story.

Dove Review

“Life in Osborn” is an inspiring documentary, showing that a “can do” attitude can get things done. This splendid documentary by Walter V. Marshall focuses on the Life Remodeled program and the work of Chris Lambert and his wife Andrea, who labor with the citizens of Osborn and various organizations to greatly improve the community. The documentary focuses on the hardships involved in dealing with the community blight. And Osborn has had the greatest crime rate in the City of Detroit area. Yet signs of hope include the graduation rate at the high school increasing from fifty percent to eighty percent. The film also features a life that is improved, that of a woman named Pandora who tragically lost her eighteen year old son. Yet through Chris’s attention to her, compassion, and the outreach of the community, she begins to grow spiritually and her drunkenness and bitterness begins to turn into appreciation. She labors right along with the others to improve her community. She shares in the praying too.

The people of Osborn make a difference and receive help from many other volunteers and organizations. Even Mary, the CEO of GM, gets behind the labor to restore the community. The people work together and clean up the neighborhood, board up abandoned homes, and even trim the bushes of homes.

“Life in Osborn” is the inspiring story of the improvement of Osborn and of the High School, with it getting a new roof, a new cafeteria and gym, not to mention an updated office and library. We are more than pleased to award this compelling documentary our Faith Friendly Seal for ages twelve plus. “Life in Osborn” speaks of hope!

Content Description

Sex: Discussions about prostitution and rape.
Language: H-2
Violence: Discussion regarding a woman's son who was murdered; a smoke bomb was used and volunteers cussed out it is said in the movie.
Drugs: Discussion regarding crack and cocaine in the neighborhood and abandoned houses used as drug houses.
Nudity: Mild cleavage.
Other: Neighborhood with houses in ruins; a mother's grief over her son's death.


Company: Life Remodeled
Producer: Chris Lambert
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 83 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter