The Unbreakable Boy (Book)

Book Release: October 24, 2014
The Unbreakable Boy (Book)


Like any other teenage boy, Austin loves pizza, movies, dancing and girls. But unlike most other 18-year-olds, he has a rare brittle-bone disease, was locked in a mental ward as a child, and is autistic. Yet Austin doesn’t let any of that stop him.

Dove Review

“The Unbreakable Boy” is quite a book. It tells of the hardship of the author, Scott M. LeRette, who gets married at a young age after his girlfriend, Teresa, becomes pregnant. Actually, it is a story about the hardships the entire family endures. Scott and Teresa have a son, Austin, who is autistic, and, as Scott writes, following a difficult time in their lives, “The three of us were broken, but not apart. We were broken together.” Austin has a rare bone disease, and his bones break easily. Early in life, he endures broken bones several times. In fact, as the author shares, he was born with a broken bone, which was not discovered for some time. Yet another son, Logan, is born and joins the family, and they continue moving forward as a family unit.

Teresa begins to seek God and, although reluctant at first, Scott later develops the same desire to know God. He learns a lot from Austin, including his amazing ability to love people of all backgrounds. He develops a strong walk with God. His son, Logan, says that although Austin is crazy, he is funny and pleasant to be around, and he is his best friend. Austin happens to love strawberry shakes, too, and isn’t ashamed to tell anyone about how good they are. He hopes to be a chef, and his dad shares his life in this book.

The book does a good job in relating incidents of hardship that eventually get better. The author speaks of dealing with many trips to the hospital, medical bills, frustrations, and, ultimately, the grace of God, which makes a huge difference in his and his family’s life. We are happy to award this book our “Faith-Friendly” Seal for ages 12-plus and five Doves, our best rating. The book contains 233 pages, and readers will go through it quickly, as it will be difficult to put down. Read this book and you may never look at hardship the same way again. It is inspiring.

Content Description

Sex: Couple kisses; unwed woman gets pregnant, but she is soon married to her boyfriend.
Language: G/OMG-8; H-1; H (as a biblical place)-1; a character writes that sometimes he says bad words; Poop-1; some people call a boy "retard" and "freak."
Violence: The son has several accidents, including broken bones, and spills some blood on more than one occasion; boy throws a weighted drinking cup and hits mother in face.
Drugs: Author dealt with a drinking problem in the past and mentions needing a beer and going to clubs; man admits to getting drunk a lot; man and woman stay up late and party; friends drink; the mention of wine; surgeries, and boy given medicine for ailments; man mentions his last drink being a beer.
Nudity: A toddler is described as once wandering off and, when found, dancing naked.
Other: Baby sends "projectile" vomit to the back of his dad's head; a misplaced sponge was left in woman following surgery, causing her health issues; doctor accidentally stapled man in chest during procedure; the author deals with feelings of hatred toward the daycare staff who covered up an incident when his son fell off a table and was seriously hurt; the author deals with feelings of guilt over his son's accidents; a man deals with anger toward God; couple has a few noisy arguments, including fights over money; man is upset that school calls his son "retarded."


Company: Jester Hat
Genre: Drama
Pages: 233
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter