Boonville Redemption: The End of the Beginning (Novel)

Book Release: September 5, 2015
Boonville Redemption: The End of the Beginning (Novel)


“Boonville Redemption: The End of the Beginning” chronicles the history of Boonville, and how it was named after Daniel Boone, even if the “E” was dropped from its name. This massive 624-page book features various characters and their struggles, woes, and happy moments of victory. We meet richly developed characters such as Bayless and Mary, two strong Christians, who bring up a daughter named Alice, who is kind but superstitious and does not share their Christian faith. But they keep working on her. The town “bad” guy, Maddox, takes a liking to Alice, but Alice likes Thomas Briggs and soon bares his child. Various plots are tied together and feature the struggles, challenges, and triumphs of the residents of Boonville.

Dove Review

“Boonville Redemption: The End of the Beginning” is a mammoth undertaking, 624 pages in length. It not only speaks of a spiritual redemption, redemption in Christ, but also of God redeeming our situations and life circumstances. I thought the characters were rich and believable, characters such as Alice, with her gentle but superstitious ways; Thomas, with his loyalty to Alice and his kind spirit; Alice’s parents, Bayless and Mary; and of course the villain, Maddox. Jeb, Virgil, Sofia, and the others were nicely sketched in the story as well. Of course, you took a unique approach in having Moses Boo, the dog, tell the story! The flavor of the story reminds me of “Little House on the Prairie,” as the story takes place just after that time period, or “When Calls the Heart,” and it is closer to that historical time frame. I liked Alice’s Christian parents working on her regarding her superstitions, the romance between Thomas and Alice and the challenges that keep them apart, and Maddox’s jealousies, which were all written realistically.

It is an overall wholesome story with just a few scenes of violence describing “blood,” and it didn’t seem to be gratuitous in its descriptions, although a few people die from the violence. This manuscript satisfies our 12-plus category and receives our “Faith-Friendly” Seal, since scriptures are featured. I like that the story includes a likable pastor and the conversion of Virgil after he commits a dastardly deed and ultimately becomes a pastor himself. It is definitely a redeeming story for Virgil, not to mention for Thomas and Alice. Alice’s pregnancies just before marriage are handled nicely due to her commitment to being married and her parents’ biblical guidance in the events.

This is a long read but well written, with its richness in character development and conflicts and resolutions. It is written in such a way as to anger the viewer when the villain, Maddox, and his accomplices, are at their worst. This book moves the reader to various emotions. It features dramatic separations, hopes dashed, hopes renewed, and the themes of love and redemption. We are pleased to award it five Doves, our best rating. It is truly a story of redemption, Boonville style.

Content Description

Sex: A couple loves each other and intend to marry and the woman becomes pregnant. Then, due to circumstances many years later, they are together again after being separated, intending to be married, and she becomes pregnant a second time, but she does receive spiritual instructions and guidance from the Bible and her Christian parents who tell her loving someone is right but within God's plan; woman marries another man who thinks a child is his; passionate kissing in a few scenes; woman has a frank discussion with her husband about him not being interested in sex with her anymore; married man, a villain, is said to "cavort" with the saloon girls; a man slaps his wife hard on the "backside."
Language: "Oh my Lord" uttered several times; several mentions of "H" as a biblical place; an angry character calls a dog "mangy"; "Poop"-1; a "You must have been raised by buzzards" comment; a "fart daisies" comment; a man disrespectfully calls his father "Old Man"; characters are told to "Shut up" a few times; "Rapscallions"-1; "Idiot"-1; "Lily-livered man"-1; "Stupid Boy"-1; a character is cruelly called a "li'l cripple."
Violence: A few fist fights; damage done to a saloon; a man is beat up and taken away; an elderly man with a heart condition is forced to run and falls down and then is run over by a man on his horse; a mention of wild people who "scalped" people; dog bites villain's pant leg; a girl is bitten by a rattler and dies; a woman has an accident and dies suddenly; a character is shot and dies; a character is shot but survives; woman describes being beaten and bleeding; man slaps young girl, and her mother comes to the rescue.
Drugs: Drinking and saloon scenes in various places in the script; a few men are drunk; the mention of a man dying from alcoholism; a comment about circus people selling "snake oil"; a couple takes a shot of whiskey for medicinal purposes when they are upset; a man finishes off a bottle of whiskey; a toast; a character says he is drinking due to his pain; wine is brought into saloon; wine is unloaded; a man says the Bible's pages are only good for him to roll his tobacco in, but he changes his view.
Nudity: None
Other: The mention of a woman suffering miscarriages; strong tension between characters; a woman is superstitious and acts on her superstitions, like placing an acorn in a certain spot for protection, but her Christian family gets after her about it; comments about works and grace; the same woman believes in bad and good "luck"; death and grief; the mention of a character facing great depression; tension between a husband and wife; overbearing character in Maddox; some people gossip; a character vomits; a villain is prejudiced against Italian people; a woman in despair doubts that God cares; a woman struggles with the question of God existing; a woman is angry with God but names her son "Zachary," meaning "God remembers"; an earthquake takes place and shakes up the town; a few characters lie.


Company: Boonville Redemption... LLC
Genre: Drama
Pages: 624
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter