Heaven: The Adventure Begins – Jonathan Stone and the Kingdom (Book)

Theatrical Release: November 4, 2014
Book Release: November 4, 2014
Heaven: The Adventure Begins – Jonathan Stone and the Kingdom (Book)


Jonathan Stone’s life is over-literally. He passed from his body and
moved onto Heaven. What do you suppose Heaven looks or feels like?
Jonathan’s mind can barely comprehend all that is happening around
him, but it’s so much more than angels with harps and saints sitting on
clouds. In Heaven, he has an unhindered relationship with the ones he
loves and the Lord Himself, his great shepherd.

Jonathan Stone tried to live a devout Christian life on earth. He has arrived
in Heaven, where he has a chance to discuss Jesus’ second coming. He
meets the martyrs who died for their Lord. He even watches as Moses
and the apostle Paul speak before the great assembly. On a personal level,
Jonathan has the chance to finally ask God the simple questions, “Why?”

Why did you allow me to go through those terrible times, Lord? Why did you
make me feel such loneliness and pain? Why did you take so long in answering
my prayers? On Earth, it is not always easy to see the plans God has laid
out for us. Even so, He is all-knowing and ever wise; He is to be trusted,
because He is always right. In Heaven, Jonathan gets his questions
answered and sees the light. He has no fear; he has no doubt. He is at
home and with his Savior, and we can all look forward to the day when we
walk the same streets of Gold in unbroken fellowship with the Lord.

Dove Review

“Heaven: The Adventure Begins – Jonathan Stone and the Kingdom” is an incredible novel, inspired, rooted and based in Scripture. Jonathan Stone gets a glimpse into Heaven, and the experience is beyond words, yet he manages to convey some of the awe that he experiences. His life is retraced, and he learns that he was born into a family that suited him perfectly. As page 15 explains, the Holy Spirit reveals that a storm rages in Jonathan’s life, but that doesn’t mean he wandered away from the fold. In fact, quite often, the opposite is true.

This book kept my full attention. It mentions Jonathan’s encounters with Abel and Moses, along with other biblical characters, and various spiritual truths come to life for him. It also speaks of God’s comfort when His people suffer or lose loved ones. Page 38 describes the seraphs of Heaven giving praise to God. Again, the descriptions of Heaven and God’s ways are always accurate and biblically sound. The novel also shows that God is with a man who has the difficult task of laying people off from a job. Page 51 speaks of the blessings given to those who overcome the difficulties of life and schemes of the devil.

The writers of the Psalms are mentioned on page 53, including Heman, Asaph and Ethan. The streets of gold and River of Life are also beautifully described. The author also examines various martyrs, such as Polycarp and Stephen, and “Foxes’ Book of Martyrs.” He mentions the need for people to confess and deal with sin, or face the consequences, as he examines Herod marrying his brother’s wife. Ultimately, our hope is found in God’s many promises, such as the Lord going to build a place for us and 1 Corinthians 2, which states that no eye has seen nor ear has heard the things that God has prepared for those who love Him, but He has revealed them to us through His Spirit.

The author’s descriptions are wonderful, and he points out that dealing with life’s hard circumstances will be worth the struggle, because God has a better world waiting for those who trust Him. We highly recommend this book. The book features Christ’s second coming and Heaven as the eternal place of reward. This book has earned our highest rating, five Doves. Due to various spiritual themes and the mention of various tests of life, we are awarding it our “Faith-Friendly” Seal for ages 12-plus. However, parents should examine the content listing to make their own informed decisions, as some children ages eight and above may be okay reading this book. It is remarkable, descriptive, powerful and inspirational. We tip our hat to A.R. Duprey and believe that “Heaven: The Adventure Begins” would make a very entertaining and inspiring film. I can only imagine the special effects would be amazing!

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: H is mentioned as a biblical place a few times in the book.
Violence: The biblical violence of men, such as Cain slaying Abel and Jesus being crucified.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Various tests of life, such as sin, discouragement, and wandering from the biblical path; hardships, such as a supervisor having to lay people off at work.


Company: Abba Father Media, Inc.
Writer: A. R. Duprey
Genre: Drama
Pages: 138
Industry Rating: YoungAdult
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter