Born to Win

DVD Release: February 2, 2016
Born to Win


“Born to Win” is based on the true story of a troubled man named Leon Terblanche, a teacher at a school for disabled children, who finds himself confronted with the question, “Where is God?” This question sets him on a journey where he discovers that he has never been alone through all the hurt and brokenness of his past. He learns that no matter how broken you are, God is always our living hope. “Born to Win” shows how God turns the hurt, frustration and emptiness of a man into hope, faith and victory to inspire many others to be the winners they were born to be.

Dove Review

“Born to Win” is a powerful story, based on true events, about Pastor Leon Terblanche (played by Gregory Kriek). Leon is raised in North Africa by an abusive stepfather and his mother. He finally winds up with an African woman, a kind, Christian lady named “Mama,” and her son Outjie, who becomes like a brother to him. Mama calls Leon “Lion” and tells him he will one day be a lion for God. Unfortunately, the police take him away to return him back to his mother and stepfather, and the abuse begins again.

Eventually Leon meets up with a beautiful young lady named Elmarie (Leone Pienaar), a model, and they eventually marry and have a daughter named Brigitte (Marie Cronje) about 10 months later. Unfortunately, Leon has hardened his heart, due to a lot of hardship, yet he teaches the handicapped students at Carpe Diem and has a lot of compassion for people. When his marriage is in serious trouble some years later, Leon attends church with both his wife and daughter and finds God again. But not too long after that, a terrible car accident involving loved ones brings Leon to a crisis point, and he must choose to lean on God or become bitter once again.

This powerful and compelling film features a great song called, “I Will Praise You in This Storm,” and the movie is awarded our “Faith-Friendly” Seal for ages 12-plus. “Born to Win” will inspire those facing adversity that they are destined to overcome it, as long as they trust God.

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: A mother and son both have blood on their noses from abuse from the woman's husband; talk of abuse; the sound of a woman being slapped.
Sex: Couple kissing; a comment, "She's hot."
Language: None
Violence: A mother and son both have blood on their noses from abuse from the woman's husband; talk of abuse; the sound of a woman being slapped.
Drugs: Scenes of men drinking beer, and tavern scenes; a man who quits drinking gives a lot of alcohol away to his friends and then thinks he should have poured it out; a comment about someone being drunk; mention that a girl had alcoholic parents.
Nudity: Cleavage; shirtless boys play in bathtub; shirtless men; men and women in shorts and swimwear.
Other: A young man's parents leave him at a motel; tension between characters and marital difficulties between a few couples; man is burned with hot water on a train; tattoos on man's arm; a young man contemplates suicide but doesn't act on it; a fire is started in a young man's room, and a young man in a wheelchair is rescued; a man struggles with his faith in God and even says, "I'm through with You," but he turns out okay.


Company: Lionsgate
Writer: Frans Cronjé
Director: Frans Cronjé
Producer: Frans Cronjé, Cobus van den Berg
Genre: Inspirational
Runtime: 105 min.
Starring: Greg Kriek, Leone Pienaar, Marie Cronje
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter